Applied Maths Seminar Archive

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Long timescale modelling of atomistic processes Event
"Metastability of the condensate in zero-range process", Professor Michail Loulakis (NTU Athens) Event
Prof. Clément Mouhot University of Cambridge Event
Financial Innovation and Backward Stochastic Difference Equations (Prof. Michael Dempster, University of Cambridge) Event
Spectral cluster bounds for orthonormal functions (Dr. Julien Sabin, Université Paris-Sud) Event
Long-time behaviour for monostable equations with non-local diffusion (Dr Dmitri Finkelshtein, Swansea University) Event
USING FUZZY RANDOM VARIABLES IN LIFE ANNUITIES PRICING (Dr. Laura González-Vila Puchades, Universitat de Barcelona) Event
Monte Carlo sampling & hitting times (Dr. Andrea Lecchini-Visintini, University of Leicester) Event
Taming Infinities (Professor Martin Hairer (FRS), University of Warwick) Event
Interfacial turbulence and regularization in falling films Event
Bootstrap processes on inhomogeneous random networks Event
Tiling Spaces: Their Structure and Unexpected Examples Event
Atomistic thin film growth using extended time scale techniques Event
An iterative linear algebra perspective on compressed sensing and matrix completion Event
Rigorous numerical estimates on dynamically defined numbers Event
Optimal sampling rates for approximating analytic functions from pointwise samples Event
Levy walks and anomalous transport on scale-free networks Event
Mathematical sociology is not an oxymoron Event
Application of the Heath-Platen Estimator in Pricing Barrier and Bond Options Event
Convergent semi-Lagrangian methods for the Monge-Ampère equation on unstructured grids Event

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