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Mathematical Ecology: Theory and Applications (META)

Joint Research Group in the UK - LMS Scheme 3


Main organiser: Sergei Petrovskii (Leicester)


The joint research group META was established in 2015 and is hosted by the Schools of Mathematics at the University of Birmingham, the Department of Mathetical Scieneces in the University of Essex and the Department of Mathematics in the University of Leicester. The META meetings are partially funded by the three host institutions and by the London Mathematical Society. META meetings are open to everyone and the registration for the workshops is free.



META Workshop #6: "Uncertainty and predictability in ecology"

University of Leicester, April 6, 2017

The workshop will focus on the issues arising at the interplay between uncertainty, complexity and predictability of ecological dynamics. Talks and discussions will  consider a range of relevant problem in various specific ecological contexts. The workshop scope is inclusive rather than exclusive, so that certain deviations from the main theme are expected and, in fact, encouraged.


Workshop venue: Bennett Building, Lecture Theatre 5

Please click here for the campus map where the building is marked by the red circle.

In case you walk to the workshop venue directly from the train station, please click here for the access map where the recommended route is shown by the red line.


Keynote speakers:

Robert Holt (University of Florida, USA): "Reflections on apparent competition: a 40-year anniversary"

Ludek Berec (Institute of Entomology, Budejovice, Czech Republic) "Happy but frustrated: Allee effects help control pests but are hard to estimate"


Contributed speakers:

Axel Rossberg (Queen Mary University of London, UK): "What can we and what can't we predict in community ecology?"

Max Souza (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil): "Predator-prey dynamics: mass action models, functional responses, and the PDE viewpoint"

Natalia Petrovskaya (University of Birmingham, UK): "`Heads or tails': choosing between deterministic and probabilistic approaches to evaluation of the population abundance from sparse data"

Sergei Petrovskii (University of Leicester, UK): "Catching ghosts with a coarse net: use and abuse of spatial sampling data in detecting synchronization"


Total duration of the event is 10:55 to 17:30. Final programme is now available - please click here

Book of abstracts is now available - please click here






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