Seventy-ninth BLOC meeting


Bristol Leicester Oxford Colloquium


The seventy-ninth meeting will be held on 15 June 2018 in the Mathematical Institute, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road, Oxford.



12.00-1.00 Eugenio Giannelli (Cambridge) Character correspondences for symmetric and complex reflection groups (Abstract below)
3.00-4.00 Florian Eisele (City University) A counter-example to the first Zassenhaus conjecture 
5.00-6.00 Kai Meng Tan (Singapore) Signed permutation modules of symmetric groups and Iwahori-Hecke algebras




Eugenio Giannelli: In 2016 Ayyer, Prasad and Spallone proved that the restriction to  Sn-1 of any odd degree irreducible character of Sn has a unique irreducible constituent of odd degree. This result was later generalized by Isaacs, Navarro Olsson and Tiep. In this talk I will survey some recent developments on this topic.

Florian Eisele: There are many interesting problems surrounding the unit group U(RG) of the ring RG, where R is a commutative ring and G is a finite group. Of particular interest are the finite subgroups of U(RG). In the seventies, Zassenhaus conjectured that any u in U(ZG) is  conjugate, in the group U(QG), to an element of the form +/-g, where g is an element of the group G. This came to be known as the "(first) Zassenhaus conjecture". I will talk about the recent construction of a counterexample to this conjecture (this is joint work with L. Margolis), and recent work on related questions in the modular representation theory of finite groups.


Please let Karin Erdmann know, by 12th June, if you are coming to the BLOC meeting, and particularly if you wish to come for lunch and/or dinner.

BLOC is supported by an LMS Scheme 3 grant, which is used to help offset travel costs for participants, with priority given to covering travel and accommodation costs for speakers and postgraduates.

Travel information is HERE.

There will be time for informal discussions.

For further information about BLOC please contact one of the BLOC organisers:

Joe Chuang
Karin Erdmann
Jeremy Rickard
Nicole Snashall




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