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Dr Jason Semeraro

Lecturer in Mathematics

Programme Director of BSc and MMath Mathematics


Tel: +44 (0)116 252 3892

Office: College House, 105


About me

I completed my DPhil in 2013 at the University of Oxford under the supervision of David Craven and Michael Collins. From 2013-2019 I was a Heilbronn Fellow, first at the University of Bristol and then at the University of Leicester.


Jason Semeraro

Currently, I want to shed light on the precise relationships between certain exotic objects in group theory, representation theory and algebraic topology: fusion systems, spetses and $p$-compact groups, with the broader aim of understanding the deep mystery behind some of these.

Algorithms for fusion systems with applications to $p$ -groups of small order arXiv: 2003.01600 (joint with Chris Parker)

A $2$-compact group as a spets arXiv: 1906.00898 (submitted)

Weights in a Benson--Solomon block arXiv: 1712.02826 (joint with Justin Lynd) (submitted)

Weight conjectures for fusion systems arXiv: 1810.01453 to appear in Adv. Math (joint with Radha Kessar, Markus Linckelmann and Justin Lynd)

Fusion systems on maximal class $3$-groups of rank two revisited arXiv: 1809.01957, to appear in Proc. AMS (joint with Chris Parker)

Fusion systems over a Sylow $p$-subgroup of $G_2(p)$ arXiv:1608.08399 Math. Z. 289 (2018), 629-662 (joint with Chris Parker)

The cycle polynomial of a permutation group Electron. J. Comb, Volume 25, Issue 1 (2018) arXiv: 1701.06954 (joint with Peter Cameron)

Conway groupoids and completely transitive codes arXiv:1410.4785 Combinatorica, 38 (2) ( 399-442| (joint with Nick Gill and Neil Gillespie)

Reduced fusion systems over $p$-groups with abelian subgroup of index $p$: IIAdv. Math 322 (2017), 201-268 arXiv:1606.05133 (joint with David Craven and Bob Oliver)

Conway’s groupoid and its relatives Contemporary Mathematics Volume 694, 2017 in honour of John H. Conway (joint with Nick Gill, Neil Gillespie and Cheryl Praeger)

Conway groupoids, regular two-graphs and supersimple designs Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, Issue 79 (2017) arXiv:1510.06680 (joint with Nick Gill, Neil Gillespie and Cheryl Praeger)

Tournaments, 4-uniform hypergraphs, and an exact extremal result J. Comb. Theory, Series B, 126 (2017) 114-136 arXiv:1509.03268 (joint with Karen Gunderson)

Generating groups using hypergraphs Quart. J. Math, 67 (1) (2016), 29-52 arXiv:1405.1701 (joint with Nick Gill, Neil Gillespie and Tony Nixon)

Bounding the number of hyperedges in friendship $r$-hypergraphs European J. Combinatorics 51 (2016), 125-134 arXiv:1412.5822 (joint with Karen Gunderson and Natasha Morrison)

Centralizers of normal subgroups and the $Z^*$-theorem J. Algebra 439 (2015), 511-514 arXiv:1411.1932 (joint with Ellen Henke)

Centralizers of subsystems of fusion systems J. Group Theory 18 (2015), 393-405 arXiv:1402.4981

Trees of fusion systems J. Algebra, 399 (2014), 1051-1072 arXiv:1211.6700

Recent and upcoming travel

Groups, representations and applications: new perspectives, INI, Cambridge, March 01-14 2020

Groups and Geometries, BIRS, Banff, August 25-30 2019

Classifying spaces of finite groups of Lie type, Copenhagen, July 2019

Representations of Finite Groups, Oberwolfach, March 2019

Group representation theory and applications, MSRI, Berkeley, March 2018


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Fun Stuff

Noughts and Crosses
Conway's Cosmological Theorem
M(13) demonstration
Finite simple group of order two
Quiver mutations in Java

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