Andrey Mudrov


Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

CH 102B
tel.: +44 (0)116 252 3606
fax: +44 (0)116 252 3915

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  • Exam Officer
  • Study Abroad Tutor
  • Gauss Hauss Coordinator



Quantum groups, Hopf algebras and quantization of G-spaces

My research area is quantum groups, Hopf algebras, and quantization of G-spaces. This is a part of non-commutative algebra for which quantum integrable models being the source of motivation and problems. My primary research interests currently lie in equivariant quantization of G-spaces. Given a Poisson group G and a Poisson G-space M, the problem to construct an associative deformation of the function algebra F(M) and homogeneous vector bundles over M as its projective (one-sided) modules. The deformation is assumed to preserve an action of the quantum group corresponding to G.

Among my strongest achievments are explicit quantization of semisimple conjugacy classes of simple complex algebraic groups, the theory of dynamical Yang-Baxter equation over general non-Abelian, base and a partial solution of Drinfeld's
problem about relation of quasi-Hopf algebras and quantized Poisson-Lie manifolds.

Participation in conferences and workshops

List of conferences with my participation over the last two years:
  • Classical and Quantum Integrable Systems, 11-15 Jul 2016, Euler Inst., St.-Petersburg, RF, invited speaker
  • Infinite Dimensional Geometry and Harmonic Analysis, 19-20 June 2016, Nottingham University,  UK, invited speaker
  • Lecture series, 14-18 Dec 2015, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, RF.
  • Facets of Quantum Homogeneous Spaces,  03-04 Dec 2015, Vrije University, Brussels, Belgium, invited speaker
  • Lecture series, 08-12 Dec 2014, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, RF
  • Quantum Groups, Deformation, and Geometry, 15-17 Jun 2014, Bar-Ilan University, Israel, (an) organiser
  • ARTIN meeting, 11-13 Nov 2013, Aberdeen, invited speaker


  • Thomas Ashton
  • Mehsin Al-Showali
  • Gareth Jones

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