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% \usetheme{Berlin}
  % or ...
  % or whatever (possibly just delete it)

%\setbeamercolor{some beamer element}{fg=red}

% or whatever

% or whatever


% Or whatever. Note that the encoding and the font should match. If T1
% does not look nice, try deleting the line with the fontenc.

\newcommand{\vx}{\bf x}
\newcommand{\e}{{\rm e}}


{Presentation with sound \newline Example for Beamer}
\institute[University of Leicester]
{University of Leicester}



%\sound[autostart, inlinesound]{}{show.wav}

\frametitle{Structure }
%\sound[autostart, start=10.5s, inlinesound]{}{show.wav}

\frametitle{Insert file as sound}
\transwipe \transduration{10}
\sound[autostart, start=5s, duration=15s, inlinesound]{}{show.wav}
Sound file can be easily added to every slide of the presentation using command {\it $\setminus$sound}.\\
see Manual page 130\\

It can be played from the very beginning of the slide...


... or it can be played if {\it button} (below) is pressed...\\

\sound[start=5s, inlinesound]{{ \it button} }{show.wav}\\


\frametitle{Sound} \transblindsvertical \transduration{40}
\sound[label=show1, inlinesound]{}{show.wav}\\

... or it can be played using {\it Beamer button} and {\it $\setminus$hyperlink} command.\\
\hyperlinkmovie[start=5s]{show1}{\beamerbutton{Play Sound}} (press it)\\

 Or you can keep control in your hands and define where
to play sound and duration...
\transwipe \transduration{20}
\frametitle{Sound} \transblindshorizontal
It is possible to play sound piece-wise
\item<1-> present the 1st piece;
\item<2-> no sound on this piece;
\item<3-> present the last piece
And, finally, add some more comments

\section{2. Movie}

\frametitle{Insert sound as movie}
\transglitter \movie[label=show,
Sound file can be added using {\it $\setminus$movie} command.\\
 See Page 125 for more options.\\

In this case it is possible to control  the file with buttons\\


but you need more time for this slide to be on the screen\\
{\it $\setminus$transduration$\{60\}$}  \\

  ( This slide is staying on the screen for  60 seconds)



\movie[autostart,start=64s, duration=13s]{}{show.wav}

\center{\large{show must go on...} \transduration{15}}



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