Quantum Decision Theory (QDT)

An Exploration of Quantum Formalism in Social and Behavioral Sciences

QDT Members

The QDT group was set up at the workshop meeting "Applying quantum principles to psychological phenomena" which was held in Växjö, Sweden on 17-18 September 2007.

The aim of QDT is to investigate how quantum mechanical principles can find applications in macroscopic environments. We are particularly interested in exploring and studying how such principles can add to our understanding of processes occurring in psychology, decision-making and other areas of the social and behavioural sciences.

The QDT Programme (PDF)
Challenges to Address - Questions to Answer (PDF)
The Quantum Cognition Website (download from here the quantum tutorial notes of Jerome Busemeyer)
Tutorial by Jerome Busemeyer on Quantum Cognition at the Cognitive Science Meeting - in Washington DC, 22 July 2008.

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