Dr Rutvica Andrijasevic

Rutvica AndrijasevicBA, MA (Trieste), MA (CEU/Budapest), PhD (Utrecht)
Lecturer in Employment Studies

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Dr Rutvica Andrijasevic joined the University of Leicester in 2011 having previously worked as a Lecturer in Politics at the Open University and as a Marie Curie post-doctoral research fellow at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), University of Oxford. Rutvica gained her PhD in Women's Studies from the University of Utrecht in 2004. Rutvica is a member of the editorial collective of the Feminist Review journal and holds professional affiliations with BSA, ISA and FWSA.

Research Interests

Foxconn event flyer

Currently, Rutvica is leading a research project entitled The Future of Labour in China-led Globalisation. A Case of Foxconn. Developed in collaboration with Dr Devi Sacchetto from University of Padua, Italy, the project investigates the ways in which‘Chinese’ modes of production and management are impacting labour in Europe. Data gathered at Foxconn plants in the Czech Republic and Turkey has attracted considerable media attention in the UK, Germany, Italy and Turkey. In order to discuss the relevance of this data for academia, policy makers, trade unions and NGOs, Rutvica is organising on 26-27 June 2014 an international seminar entitled Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Forms of labour in Europe and China. The case of Foxconn.(PDF, 1.62MB).

Rutvica BookRutvica has published widely on issues such as the impact of migration on labour relations and labour markets, with particular emphasis on gender and sexuality, on the relationship between migration, subjectivity and changes in citizenship in Europe, and on informal recruitment practices such as those in human trafficking. Her book Agency, Migration and Citizenship in Sex Trafficking (Palgrave, 2010) interrogates the link between migration, gendered organisation of the labour markets and citizenship. As part of the Open University led FP7 research project Enacting European Citizenship (2008 - 2011), Rutvica has worked on the political significance of mobility, specifically in relation to European citizenship.


Administrative Responsibilities

Deputy Programme Leader CLMS Undergraduate Studies

Member of Distance Learning Team (Innovation and Development)

PhD Supervision and Interests

Current Doctoral students include:

Maria Lashley - Male educational underachievement - a St. Lucian perspective: An explorative study that seeks to understand male underachievement at the tertiary education level from the perspectives and viewpoint of the St. Lucian male student.

Rutvica would be interested in supervising PhD study in the areas of gender, migration, governance and organisation, and, in particular:

  • Gender and atypical/precarious labour
  • Gender, race and employment
  • New social movements, alternative forms of organising, and political activism
  • Governance, migration and changes in citizenship
  • Sexuality, subjectivity and the workplace


Work, Employment & Learning in PRC & Hong Kong (Doctoral DL Programme)

The Global Context of HRD and HRM (MSc CLMS)

Globalisation and Skills (BSc CLMS)

Learning in Theory and Practice (BSc CLMS)

Most Recent Publications

Andrijasevic, R. (forthcoming 2014) ‘The Figure of the Trafficked Victim: Gender, Rights and Representation’, (eds) M. Evans et al, SAGE Handbook of Feminist Theory, Sage

Andrijasevic, R. (2013) ‘Acts of Citizenship as Methodology’, (eds) E. Isin and M. Saward, Enacting European Citizenship, Cambridge University Press, 47-65

Andrijasevic, R. and Sacchetto, D. (2013), ‘Integration verschiedener Arbeitsregime? Foxconn in Tschechien’, (eds) Pun Ngai and R. Ruckus, iSlaves. Ausbeutung and Widerstand in Chinas Foxconn Fabriken, mandelbaum: Vienna, 219-246

Andrijasevic, R. (2012), ‘Sex on the move: Gender, Subjektivität und differenzielle Inklusion", (ed) Gender Initiativkolleg Wien, Gewalt und Handlungsmacht: queer_feministische Perspektiven, Campus, 202-20 [NB also published previously in English]

Andrijasevic, R. and Walters, W. (2012), ‘L’Organisation international pour les migrations et le government international des frontieres’, Cultures & Conflits, 84, 13-43

Andrijasevic, R., Aradau, C., Huysmans, J. and Squire, V. ‘European (2012), Citizenship Unbound: Sex Work, Mobility, Mobilisation’, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 30:3, 835-838

Andrijasevic, R. (2010) Migration, Agency and Citizenship in Sex Trafficking. London: Palgrave.

Andrijasevic, R. and Walters, W. (2010) 'The International Organisation for Migration and The International Government of Borders', Environment and Planning D: Society and Space (Special Issue on Global Borders) 28(6): 977-999.

Andrijasevic, R. (2010) 'Deported: The Right to Asylum at EU's External Border of Italy and Libya', International Migration 48(1): 148-174.

Andrijasevic, R. (2009) 'Sex on the Move: Gender, Subjectivity and Differential Inclusion', Subjectivity 29(1): 389-406.

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