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David Ashton was educated at Leicester University where he read Sociology and graduated in 1964 and where he was later awarded the degree of Doctor of Letters. He is now an Emeritus Professor at Leicester University and Honorary Professor at Cardiff University. He has also taught at the University of Reading in the UK, the University of Alberta (Canada) and the State University of New York at Buffalo (USA). In 1986 he founded the Labour Market Studies group while teaching in the Sociology Department at Leicester University and in 1989 this later became the Centre for Labour Market Studies at the University of Leicester, an independent Centre within the university. The Centre achieved an international reputation in research in the areas of labour markets, skills and training and for its distance learning provision in the field of training, human resource management, skills and performance.

His initial research into the field of youth employment was sponsored by the UK Department of Employment and subsequently the ESRC, the Manpower Services Commission and the European Union. His early publications were in the field of youth transitions, unemployment and training in the UK with international comparisons funded by the Canadian High Commission and the EEC. This work developed into the areas of training and its impact on economic development. Following work with Francis Green on the impact of training on economic development he undertook research into the impact of training on the economic development in the Asian Tigers sponsored by the ESRC. This subsequently led to involvement in international work through the International Labour Organisation in areas such as training and later high performance working and workplace learning. Together with Francis Green he also launched the first of what is now a series UK Skills Surveys of individual skills and competences. He also researched extensively on high performance working.

His latest phase of work has been on skill formation in multi-national companies and its impact on national systems of education and training. He is currently exploring the issues of productivity, skills and performance together in Singapore together with Johnny Sung. He is also working with Johnny Sung on exploring the relationship between business strategy, company organisation and skill use.

He has provided consultancy services for trades unions and private companies, the CIPD and various UK government departments, including the Cabinet Office, BIS and the United Kingdom Commission for Employment and Skills and abroad for government departments in Canada, Singapore, South Africa and Malta. In addition to the ILO he has also provided consultancy services for the EU and the World Bank.

Research Interests

His areas of expertise are in the analysis of national systems of workforce development and training, youth labour markets, workplace learning, human resource development, high performance work organisations, the skill strategies of global and national corporations and the relationship between skills and productivity. He has published twelve books and over 180 articles on these topics.

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