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I joined the School of Management in August 2005 after working for 31 years in the Department of Social Sciences, Loughborough University. I was Head of School January 2008-December 2009.

Research Interests

My main areas of research lie in the following areas:

  • Combining quantitative and qualitative research. I've been interested in methodological issues for many years and in 2003-4, I was funded as a fellow to work on the issue of how quantitative and qualitative research are combined in the social sciences. The fellowship was part of the Economic and Social Research Council's Research Methods Programme. This is an ongoing interest.
  • Disneyization and McDonaldization. I'm interested in different aspects of modern consumer culture and their implications for organizational issues. I'm particularly interested in the impact that the principles associated with Disney theme parks are influencing how services and products are made available for consumption. I explored these issues in a book, The Disneyization of Society (Sage, 2004), which has been translated into Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese.
  • Effective leadership in higher education. I've been interested in leadership for many years and in fact have written two books on this topic: Leadership and Organizations (Routledge, 1986) and Charisma and Leadership in Organizations (Sage, 1992). I’m also a co-editor of a forthcoming handbook in the field. In 2005/06, I worked full-time on a review of the literature on leadership in universities. This was funded by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.

PhD Supervision

I am able to supervise students in any of the areas outlined under ‘Research Interests’.

Most Recent Publications

2010 and in press
Sempik, J., Becker, S. and Bryman, A., ‘Advocates, agnostics and adversaries: Researchers' perceptions of service user involvement in social policy research’, Social Policy and Society, 9(3), 2010, pp. 355-66.

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Bryman, A. ‘Mission accomplished? Research methods in the first five years of Leadership’, Leadership, 7, 2011.

Full listing of publications

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Online Resource Centre

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