Current Doctorate Students

Doctorate StudentThesis Title Supervisor
Nadeem Ahmed 'A diverse faculty in higher education' - a study of higher colleges of the Western region in the United Arab Emirates Dr Nalita James
Abdullah Saeed Al Shehri

Exploring the relation between employees' national cultures and possible (learning) selves and the influence of both on employees' experiences toward adopting learning dispositions associated with a proposed learning organization model

Dr Dan Bishop
Frances Anne Murray Allen

Individual to Collective Impact: An exploration of how cross-sector actors experience shared responsibility in pursuing a common goal.

Professor Catherine Casey

Helen Askey Empowerment: a comparative study of the empowerment experiences of senior managers in a manufacturing and service organisation. An exploration of the interests and objectives in the empowerment experience Dr Nik Hammer
Kath Atkinson Do older workers show a preference for different workplace learning strategies compared to their younger colleagues? An examination of software engineers. Dr Vanessa Beck
Ruth Barnes Being engaged: A case study of employee engagement within a UK civil service department. Dr John Goodwin
Myrna Barwin The impact of current advances in technology and social media on the social aspects of the transition to retirement Dr Vanessa Beck
Tina Bass To what extent is Corporate Social Responsibility taught to undergraduate business students? An exploration of contexts and tensions. Dr Nalita James
Fiona Berry

Identity formation and occupational socialisation of counsellors and therapists: Does social class background affect self-perceived levels of professional confidence?

Dr Richard Courtney
Grant Black

Identity, individualisation, internationalisation: Social, cultural and structural inequalities in the development of internationalisation and global perspective employability skills for the youth-to-work transition of Japanese university students—a comparison between a small private university in Tōkai and a large national university in Kantō

Dr Henrietta O'Connor
Fitzmore Burns A comparative analysis of the policies and procedures of the established and non-established public sector workers in Antigua and Barbuda. Dr Richard Courtney
Michael Byrne A study of the welfare of Roma communities in the context of employment in an emerging Balkan economy Dr Rutvica Andrijasevic
Karen Cacciattolo To what extent to organisational politics hinder or support workplace learning? The University of Malta case. Dr Dan Bishop
Hazel Carter-Strachan From university to work: Workplace learning and skills development among Baccalaureate Graduates. Dr John Goodwin
Tung Sing Tommy Cheng An examination of the link between knowledge management, innovation and organisational performance: The case of the tourism industry in Hong Kong. Dr Jason Hughes
Robson Chiambiro College to work transition: An exploration of the impact of factors affecting transition of Emirati female graduates into the labour market. Dr John Goodwin
Maria Constantinou-Miltiadou New public management in Cyprus: A research for introduction and development of NPM, the relationship between the public and private sector. Dr Glynne Williams
Beverly Cutajar The impact of organizational culture on the management of employees' talents: A case study within Maltese ICT organization. Professor Johnny Sung
Hugh David Is productivity a useful concept for actors within Nottingham service organisations where service quality is subjectively determined, when considering the contribution of training and education to the organisation's effectiveness? Professor Johnny Sung
Angel Ellul Fenech To what extent do performance related pay scheme contribute to the gender pay gap in Malta? Dr Shireen Kanji
Maria A Fragkou How do Greek companies construct a notion of social obligation in the process of devising and implementing CSR projects and policies? Dr Richard Courtney
Martin John Gardner What are the theoretical and practical strengths and weaknesses of organisation focused 'activity based team development' (ABTD) programmes for managers, founded on Deweyan principles of learning? Dr Dan Bishop
Sayibu Gariba Police professionalism: To what extent has recruitment and training transformed police professionalism in Ghana? Dr Henrietta O'Connor
Yves Givel What are the right people? An investigation of the competencies that help leaders to create the conditions and structures characteristic of a Learning Organization. Dr Dan Bishop
Tessa Goodliffe 'What does Omanisation mean for me?' An exploration of Oman's national labour policies and their impact on the employment expectations of graduating students. Dr Glynne Williams
Pamela Green Organisational Perceptions and Preferences of Grassroots Groups in South-East Asia. Dr Nik Hammer
Robert King Helping the helpers: What factors contribute to health and wellness for front line staff within a public sector social services work environment? Dr Vanessa Beck
Bridget Kirwan An examination of the relationship between trust and experience of mature student participation in higher education in an Irish context. Dr Nalita James
Emmanuel Lartey The role of organizational culture in informal learning: the case study of the Volta Aluminium Company. Dr Dan Bishop
Maria Lashley Male educational underachievement - a St. Lucian perspective: An explorative study that seeks to understand male underachievement at the tertiary education level from the perspectives and viewpoint of the St. Lucian male student. Dr Rutvica Andrijasevic
Tracey Leghorn 'The best of both worlds': combining motherhood and a 24/7 career Dr Henrietta O'Connor
Irina Lokhtina The impact of workplace learning on academic career path development in tertiary education. Dr Nalita James
Christos Mantas Lost in translation: Greek-based enterprises struggle to adopt knowledge management. Dr Jason Hughes
Debra McDermott Shifting sands: An exploration of how young graduates in the United Arab Emirates understand, experience and manage their employability during the transition to work in a period of economic and social change. Dr Nalita James
Nadine Newman Employee Perception of Engagement: A case study of Higher Education Institution in Jamaica Dr John Goodwin
Metusalem Nakale How can Namibian companies use learning to enhance their absorptive capacity in the context of technology transfer? Dr Will Green and Dr Dan Bishop
Stephen Ojeh Investigating the Impact of National Cultures on Performance Management. Dr Nik Hammer
Christos Papademetriou An investigation of the selection and training provided by Greek companies, and their impact on the adjustment of expatriate managers in foreign assignments. Dr Nik Hammer
Stavros Papakonstantinidis Seeking for recognition: exploring students' transitions to work from higher education in private higher education institutions in Greece. Dr Henrietta O'Connor
Younes Proctor To what extent does Emiratization impact power relations and situational learning in the United Arab Emirates? Dr Richard Courtney
Kweku Rockson A study of corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies and practices in mining sector organisations in an emerging economy context: a comparative study of the labour policies and practices of AngloGold Ashanti Limited and Newmont Ghana Gold Limited in Ghana. Dr Glynne Williams
Scott Rutledge A study of older worker retention policies in Japan and Australia Dr Vanessa Beck
John Simon Ireland, from boom to bust: To what extent has the downfall in the Irish economy impacted on Polish migrants living and working in Ireland? Dr Henrietta O'Connor
Youliana Stoyanova Does donor technical assistance support workplace learning in developing countries? The case of Afghanistan's public sector since 2002. Dr Sarah Robinson
Yim-Ling (Sandy) Sung Retraining older, less-skilled displaced workers for re-employment: Hong Kong through a case study of a four generation family Dr Vanessa Beck
Athanasios Thanasouras Organizational culture in learning organizations: The case of the postal sector. Dr Vanessa Beck
Melissa Tranquille New public management: Employee's response to public sector reform in St. Lucia. Dr Glynne Williams
Chung Ming Wong An exploration of how organisational culture affects performance management practices: A case study on a Chinese family-managed enterprise in Shenzhen, China Dr Jane Nolan
Yuk Sun Anthony Wong The impact of Chinese culture on performance management practices in foreign firms operating in China Dr John Goodwin
Guang Yang Negotiating and reconstructing identity and trust: a sociological understanding of the evolvement of employment relations in a Chinese state-owned enterprise Dr Nik Hammer
Perihan Yavash What has been the impact on academic workers of the changes in Higher Education in England since 1997? Dr Glynne Williams
Daniel Yelkpieri Socio-economic status of parents and itseffect in students' achievements in the Awutu Senya and Effutu Educational Directorates in the central region of Ghana Dr John Goodwin
Shing Lam Sherman Yip Architecture as art and profession: the construction of professional identity for architects in the Hong Kong Housing Authority Dr Nalita James

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