Dr Lucy Faire

Dr Lucy Faire

BA (York), MA (Leicester), PhD (Leicester)

Course Director for Humanities and Arts programmes; Certificate Programme Coordinator  

Contact Details

  • Email: ljf2@le.ac.uk
  • Phone: via Vaughan Centre Reception +44 (0) 116 252 5919


I have been teaching history for the Vaughan Centre of Lifelong Learning since 2002. I was the Course Director for the HE Certificate in Modern British History 2010-2013, and have been the Course Director for the HE Certificate in Humanities and Arts since 2012 and for the BA in Humanities and Arts since May 2013. Prior to teaching at the Vaughan Centre, I was a Research Associate at Nottingham University in the Institute of Film Studies (1999-2000) and a Research Associate in the Department of Geography at Loughborough University (2001-2). I have a BA Hons in History from the University of York and an MA in Victorian Studies from the University of Leicester.  I completed my PhD on working-class family life and the home in the period 1990-1955 in the Department of Economic and Social History at Leicester, which now forms part of the School of Historical Studies. This doctoral research was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. 


Certificate in Humanities and Arts

  • Frivolous Pursuits and Improving Recreations: Leisure Practices and Identity in Britain, c. 1750-2010
  • The British Empire and its Legacies, 1750-2010

BA in Humanities and Arts

  • The Urban Experience, 1720s-1960s
  • Histories of Things: Material Culture and the Practice of History  

Administrative and Management Responsibilities

  • Course Director for the HE Certificate in Humanities and Arts
  • Course Director for the BA in Humanities and Arts
    • Member of VCLL Academic Committee
    • Member of VCLL Mitigating Circumstances Panel
    • Library Rep for VCLL  

Research Interests

My main research area is family life and the home in the twentieth century. I am interested in the impact of class, generation and gender on: the uses of domestic space; time spent in the home; household goods and material culture; and family relationships. My other research interests include leisure practices - in particular cinema-going and seaside holidays - and peoples’ behaviour in city centres in the middle decades of the twentieth century. The central approach of my work is to understand how people interact with their environment and with each other and, importantly, to analyse their subjective experiences.

Select Publications


Mark Jancovich and Lucy Faire with Sarah Stubbings, The Place of the Audience: Cultural Geographies of Film Consumption (London: British Film Institute, 2003). 

Edited Books

Simon Gunn and Lucy Faire, eds, Research Methods for History (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press 2011). 

Articles and Chapters

Lucy Faire and Denise McHugh, ‘The Everyday Usage of City-Centre Streets: Urban Behaviour in Provincial Britain c. 1930-1970’, Urban History Review, 42:2 (2014), 18-28. 

Lucy Faire, ‘The Transformation of Home?’ in Richard Rodger and Rebecca Madgin eds, Leicester: A Modern History (Lancaster: Carnegie, forthcoming). 

Morag Bell, Tim Brown and Lucy Faire, 'Germs, Genes and Postcolonial Geographies: Reading the Return of Tuberculosis to Leicester, UK', Cultural Geographies, 13 (2006), 577-599. 

Mark Jancovich and Lucy Faire, 'Eine fortschrittliche Stadt und ihre Kinos: Technologie, Moderne and das Spektekel de Reichtums', in Gertrud Koch, ed., Umwidmungen: architektonische und Kinematographische Räume, Vorwerk 8, (2005), 230-244. 

Mark Jancovich and Lucy Faire, 'The Best Place to See a Film: The Blockbuster, the Multiplex, and the Contexts of Consumption', in Julian Stringer, ed., Movie Blockbusters (London: Routledge, 2003). 

Phil Hubbard, Keith Lilley and Lucy Faire, 'Memorials to Modernity? Public Art in the "City of the Future"', Landscape Research, 28:2 (2003), 147-169. 

Phil Hubbard, Lucy Faire and Keith Lilley, 'Contesting the Modern City: Reconstruction and Everyday Life in Post-War Coventry', Planning Perspectives, 18 (2003), 377-397. 

Phil Hubbard, Keith Lilley and Lucy Faire, 'Remembering Post-War Reconstruction: Modernism and City Planning in Coventry, 1940-1962', Planning History, 24:2 (2002), 7-20. 

Other Publications

‘Dressing for the Beach’, Unit 4.3 for the Open University Arts Foundation Course, AA100 (Milton Keynes: Open University, 2008). 

Book reviews for Urban History, Visual Anthropology Review and the Leicestershire Historian. 

Conference and Seminar Papers (since 2007)

Colouring Emotions: Excitement, Nostalgia and the Provincial City Centre from 1945’, co-presented with Denise McHugh at the Urban History Group Conference ‘Sensing the City’, University of York, 4-5 April 2013.  

Vaughan College Past and Present: From “Self-Improvement” to “Employability’’’, co-presented with Clive Marsh at Vaughan College, University of Leicester, 2 July 2012 for the 150th Celebration of Vaughan College/ SCRUTEA 2012 pre-conference session.

  ‘Cinema in Nottingham,’ presented at British Art Show 7, Sideshow Annexinema, Nottingham, 10 December 2010. 

‘”Redcar for the Holidays”: The Uses of Amateur Film in Analysing Seaside Resort Culture’ presented at the Centre for Urban History Seminar Series, University of Leicester, 15 May 2009. 

Going Up Town in Nottingham and Leicester City Centres, 1930-1970’, co-presented with Denise McHugh at the Social History Society Annual Conference, Warwick University, April 2009. 

‘Changing Behaviour? People on the Nottingham and Leicester High Streets, 1930-1970’,

co-presented with Denise McHugh at CHORD Conference ‘Clone Towns’, the University of Wolverhampton, September 2008. 

‘”A Room of Happiness and Love”: The Functions and Meanings of the British Working-Class Kitchen’, presented at the Urban History Group Conference ‘The City and the Home’, Exeter University, April 2007, and a longer version to the History Research Seminar, Nottingham Trent University, October 2007. 


'Inside/outside: Groeten Uit Stuivenberg' as a member of Studio Open Stad, ANTWERPEN '93 programme on architecture and urban planning, November 1993. 


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