About Us

At the Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning we remain committed to providing a high quality adult learning experience.

The programmes we run contribute positively to the diverse cultural, social and economic lives and employability of those who have no, or limited Student Support.JPGexperience of higher education, but have the desire and the potential to participate.

We seek to inspire individuals at different stages of life, with different interests and career goals, to make full use of the learning opportunities we provide and to enjoy experiencing the excellent teaching and study support available.

We pride ourselves on our awareness of, and provision for, mature learners, some of whom may lack the confidence and need particular kinds of learning support.

Vaughan Publications

The Vaughan Papers series was created to promote and disseminate the Institute of Lifelong Learning's research, with the aim of encouraging constructive debate on topics of concern to society and to make academic research, ideas and insights accessible to adult learners and society at large.

There are no new publications to the series, but it is still possible to order from the original catalogue (PDF). If you are interested in placing an order, please email printservices@le.ac.uk.


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Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning

University of Leicester
Attenborough Tower, 3rd Floor
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The Future of the Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning

The Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning at the University of Leicester will close its doors in 2020. Staff at the Centre will continue to support existing students through the remainder of their studies.