‘A typology of temporary migrant worker programs in East and Southeast Asia’, 28 October 2020

Ms Arwen Joyce (Leicester Law School)

This paper proposes a typology of the low-wage temporary migrant worker programmes in East and Southeast Asia based on an analysis of their legal structures, policy tools and their impact on the low-wage temporary migrant workers they employ. The three types identified are government-led, private sector-led, and weak governance regimes. The analysis focuses on three outcomes experienced by workers in each regime to varying degrees: high recruitment fees, limited labour market mobility, and the inadequate protection or underenforcement of host state labour laws. The paper argues that these outcomes should be viewed not only as undesirable ends in themselves but as barriers or challenges that prevent low-wage temporary migrant workers from successfully completing their migration projects.


Open to: Staff and students
Date and time: Wednesday, 28 October, 12:30-2:00 pm
Venue: Online via Teams
Contact: For more information contact ecdt1@leicester.ac.uk and eki.omorogbe@le.ac.uk

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