Privately Financed Infrastructure procurement: legal uncertainty and decision-making, 2:00pm 6 July 2016

Dr Richard Craven (Leicester Law School)

The Socio-Legal Studies research cluster invites you to the presentation by Dr Richard Craven on Wednesday 6 July 2016 on Privately Financed Infrastructure procurement: legal uncertainty and decision-making.


In the UK, enforceable legal rules have not traditionally been used to regulate public procurement. This is no longer the situation: EU directives, in place to promote the internal market, now provide a detailed and prescriptive regulatory framework. The scale and complexity of PFI means that the process followed to select the winning bidder and to set the terms of the agreement is resource intensive and crucial for value for money. In 2004, to cater for modern procurement, like PFI, the EU introduced a new award procedure: ?competitive dialogue?. The paper presents empirical analysis on the way in which actors, interpreting and applying these new legal rules in practice, respond to complex and uncertain rules and to rules that potentially conflict with legitimate needs, and the factors that influence these responses.


Date: Wednesday, 6 July, 2:00–4:00pm

Venue: Jan Grodecki Room, first floor, Fielding Johnson Building (Maps and directions)

Further information: please contact Dr Anna Carline,

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