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Stefano Bertea, "Giuspubblicismo inglese e concezione costituzionalista del diritto (Legal Constitutionalism in English Public Law)”, Diritto e Questioni Pubbliche, 16, 2016, 39-53

Stefano Bertea, “Coherentism and Foundationalism in the Practical Domain”, Jurisprudence, 7, 2016, 365-375


Stefano Bertea and C. Sarra, ‘Foreign Precedents in Judicial Argument: A Theoretical Account’ (2015) 7 European Journal Legal Studies, 140-179

Stefano Bertea, ‘Foundation for the Conception of Law as Practical Reason’, (2015) 34 Law and Philosophy, 55-88

M Hsiao ‘ A shift in the objective measurement of the time value of money’ (2015) 23 Restitution Law Review (forthcoming)

M Hsiao ‘Chinese Trust Law: Registration as the Concept-Substitution and a Work-Out Solution for Investors (Beneficiaries)’ (2015) 25(8) Trusts & Trustees 1-13

M Hsiao ‘The shift in China from corporate crime to corporate manslaughter crime: comparisons with the UK and Australia’ (2015) (1) Journal of Business Law  68-83

Jill Marshall “S.A.S. v France: Burqa Bans and the Control or Empowerment of Identities” (2015) Human Rights Law Review 1-13

Lisa Rodgers, ‘The Interpretation of Article 6 ECHR and Access to Justice for Public Employees’ (2015) 40 (4) European Law Review 563-580

Lisa Rodgers, ‘Immunity and the Public/Private Boundary in EU Employment Law’ (2015) 6 (1) European Labour Law Journal 48-71.


Stefano Bertea, ‘Law, Shared Activities, and Obligation’ (2014) 27 Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, 357-381

Stefano Bertea, ‘Legal Form and Agency’ (2014) 5 Jurisprudence, 96-108

Stefano Bertea, “Obligation: A Legal-Theoretical Perspective” in T. Gizbert Studnicki (ed.), Problems of Normativity, Rules and Rule-Following, Dordrecht: Springer, 2014, 147-163

Anna Carline Shades of Grey: Domestic and Sexual Violence Against Women: Law Reform and Society [Routledge, 2014] (with Prof Easteal)

Anna Carline “A Critical Account of a ‘Creeping Neo-abolitionism’: Regulating Prostitution in England and Wales” Criminology and Criminal Justice 2014 14(5) 608-626 (with Prof Scoular)

Anna Carline “Saving Fallen Women Now? Critical Perspectives on Engagement and Support Orders and their Policy of Forced Welfarism” Social Policy and Society 2014, 14(1): 103-112 (with Prof Scoular)

M Hsiao ‘The legal transplant of the English floating charge and the pledge over receivables into Chinese law’ (2014) (2) Journal of Business Law 141-155

M Hsiao ‘OTC Derivatives Regulation in China: how far across the river?’ (2014) 25(1) Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice 14-25

Jill Marshall Human Rights Law and Personal Identity (Routledge 2014) ISBN 978-0-415-52972-3, 272 pp

Jill Marshall “Full Face Veils, Human Rights Law and the Recognition of Identity” (2014) 10 International Journal of Law in Context 64-80

Jill Marshall “Bodily and Moral Integrity Rights” in A M Viens (ed) The International Library of Essays on Rights: The Right to Bodily Integrity (Ashgate 2014)

Lisa Rodgers, ‘Public Employment and Access to Justice in Employment Law’ (2014) 43(4) Industrial Law Journal 373-397. doi:10.1093/indlaw/dwu020

Lisa Rodgers, ‘Labour Law and Kantian Ideas of Legality and Citizenship’ ‘(University of Leicester School of Law Research Paper No. 14-07 2014).

Joe Wills,  ‘The World Turned Upside Down? Neo-liberalism, Socioeconomic Rights and Hegemony’ (2014) 27(1) Leiden Journal of International Law 11.


Stefano Bertea, ‘Constitutivism and Normativity: A Qualified Defence’ (2013) 16 Philosophical Explorations, 81-95

Steven Cammiss  ‘Stories in Law: Providing Space for Oppositionists?’, in Freeman, M. and Smith, F. Law and Language, Current Legal Issues, Vol. 15 (2013) Oxford: OUP.

Anna Carline ‘Regretting it After: Perspectives on Alcohol, Non-Consensual Sex and False Rape Reports’ Social and Legal Studies (2013) 22(1) 87-106 (with Gunby and Beynon).

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