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  • L Rodgers, ‘Race Discrimination and Migrant Domestic Workers: A Legal Loophole’ (2016) 3 (1) International Labor Rights Case Law Journal forthcoming
  • L Rodgers, Labour Law, Vulnerability and the Regulation of Precarious Work (Edward Elgar Publishing 2016) pp264
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  • J Marshall, ‘Feminist Jurisprudence’ in N Naples et al The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies (Wiley-Blackwell 2016)
  • J Marshall, ‘Human Rights, Identity and the Legal Regulation of Dress’ (2016) 25 Nottingham Law Review.
  • R Babayev, 'Private autonomy at Union level: On Article 16 CFREU and free movement rights', 53 Common Market Law Review (2016), pp. 979–1005


  • O Golynker, 'Patient Mobility and Healthcare in the EU.' in F Pennings and G Vonk (eds.), Research Handbook on European Social Security Law, (Edward Elgar, 2015), 490-516.
  • O Golynker, 'Family-Friendly Reform of Employment Law in the UK: an Overstretched Flexibility' (2015) Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, Special Issue, 378-392.
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  • L Rodgers, ‘Immunity and the Public/Private Boundary in EU Employment Law’ European Labour Law Journal (2015) 6 (1) 48-71
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  • K Ziegler, E Wicks and L Hodson, ‘The UK and European Human Rights – A Strained Relationship?’ in K Ziegler, E Wicks and L Hodson (eds), The UK and European Human Rights - A Strained Relationship? (Oxford Hart Publishing 2015), 3-18.
  • P Lorber and J Cremers 'Transposition of provisions of the Recast Directive on the functioning of the European Works Council' and with R Jagodzinski, 'Enforcement frameworks and employees’ rights of access to enforcement procedures' in R Jagodzinski, Variations on a theme? The implementation of the EWC Recast Directive (ETUI 2015).
  • R Babayev, 'Contractual discretion and the Limits of Free Movement Law', 23 European Review of Private Law (2015), pp. 875–898


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  • S Andreadakis, ‘Problems and Challenges of the EU’s Accession to the ECHR: Empirical Findings with view to the Future’ in S. Morano –Foadi and L. Vickers, A matter for two courts: the fundamental rights question for the EU, (Hart, 2014), 47-67.
  • R Craven, 'State aid and sport: football clubs in difficulty' (2014) 35(12) European Competition Law Review 581
  • R Craven, 'State aid and sports infrastructure: EU sports policy or deference to professional football' (2014) 35(9) European Competition Law Review 453
  • R Craven, 'EU's 2014 Concessions Directive' (2014) 4 Public Procurement Law Review 188
  • J Marshall, Human Rights Law and Personal Identity (Routledge 2014)
  • J Marshall, 'The Legal Recognition of Personality: Full Face Veils and Permissible Choices' (2014) 10 International Journal of Law in Context 64-80

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