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A team of leading researchers working in the area of European law and Policy including EU law, immigration, employment law, social policy, and human rights.

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European Law and Policy Research Cluster is partner of Centre for European Law and Internationalisation (CELI). The members of the cluster have a wide range of interests within the area of European law and policy that  include, but are not limited to  the EU institutional architecture and  legislative legitimacy, EU citizenship,  immigration, Internal market,  social solidarity, EU social policy, employment law, social security, cross-border healthcare, and human rights. The cluster provides a forum for discussion groups, organises research seminars, contributes to international research networks, actively seeks and attracts research funding, supports and integrates the research of academics and postgraduate students in the Leicester Law School, and hosts international academic visitors.


Oxana Golynker (cluster leader)

Rufat Babayev

Barbara Bogusz

Eugenia Caracciolo di Torella

Adam Cygan

Pascale Lorber

Lisa Rodgers

Bernard Ryan

Arabella Stewart

Katja Ziegler

Ewa Zelazna

Alison Slade

Current Research

Dr Eugenia Caracciolo di Torella is a distinguished contributer  to the EU Commission founded project PROGRESS aimed at promoting gender equality. She is presently working on a monograph that explores the legal regulation of caring responsibilities, entitled: Caring Responsibilities in Europe: Who Cares?

Dr Oxana Golynker founded the European Law and Policy Research Cluster. Her research interests cover EU law and employment law and policy. She is the author of Ubiquitous Citizens of Europe: The Paradigm of Partial Migration published by Intersentia in 2006, which laid down the theoretical foundation of reconceptualization of intra-EU labour migration in the context of modern complex forms of transnationalism in migration patterns. Her subsequent work has been devoted to conceptualisation of the EU as a 'single working-living space'. In 2010 Oxana was awarded Robert Schuman Centre Fellowship  (The European University Institute, Florence) where she carried out research on the project “Social Europe: the Expanding Universe” funded by the British Academy, and contributed to the interdisciplinary Migration Discussion Group led by Rainer Bauboeck. She is a member of FreSsco, EC-funded network of independent experts in the fields of free movement of workers and social security coordination, and a member of FAWN – an AHRC-funded Families and Work Network. Having finished her project on the family-friendly reform of employment Law published in the special issue of Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law (2015), she is currently working on an article  devoted to the legal mythology of solidaristic identity of EU citizens.

Pascale Lorber is the UK representative of the European Working Group on Labour Law. She is organising the Annual Student seminar – 13-16 March 2018 in Spain (Comparative work on the theme of dismissal within the European Law framework). Pascale  is currently working on the chapter of a book on worker participation in the EU. She has also recently completed a project as a national expert on information and confidentiality in the workplace for the European Trade Union Institute.

Dr Lisa Rodgers has recently published her monograph ‘Vulnerability and the Regulation of Precarious Work’(spring 2016 with Edward Elgar). The starting point for this book is the ‘crisis’ in labour law which engendered a new wave of regulation for ‘precarious work’. This book investigates the particular notion of precarious work and its regulation, but more importantly, it uses the opportunity of the ‘crisis’ to explore the notion of precariousness or vulnerability in employment relationships more generally. The central argument of the book is that the notion of vulnerability has been under-theorised in the labour law literature and future employment regulation should look to the 'vulnerable subject' as the core of legal provision. She is currently working on the relationship between labour law and public procurement.

Prof Bernard Ryan is Professor of Migration Law. He is co-chair of the Migration and Law Network, which promotes migration law as a field of study in British universities. His teaching and research covers many aspects of migration law and policy, including the law relating to border control, the rights of foreign nationals, and the implications of migration for employment law. He is currently engaged in a research project entitled ‘re-imagining employment law in a time of migration’. To support this project, he holds a British Academy fellowship for the academic year 2016-2017. His current research also covers the implications of Brexit for immigration and nationality law and policy, including its impacts on current EU residents and on border control. Within that, he has a particular interest in the Irish dimension, including the future of the British-Irish common travel area, and the status of Irish citizens in the United Kingdom. (See his May 2016 briefing for ILPA, and September 2016 written evidence to the House of Lords EU Committee.)

Prof Katja Ziegler is Sir Robert Jennings Professor of International Law and Director of the Centre for European Law and Internationalisation (CELI) at Leicester. Her current research in the field of EU law concerns EU fundamental rights, the relationship and interaction of EU law and international law, EU foreign relations law and the constitutionalisation of EU law. She is leading a Leicester team contributing to the CharterClick! Project, a project funded by the European Commission which develops an online tool to help with the application oft he EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. She has been consultant to the European Parliament on the implementation of the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights.

PhD/MPhil research topics in european law.

News and Events

Reading and Reimagining Equality, 20 November 2020

Reading and Reimagining Equality, 20 November 2020

Posted by ab98 at Oct 30, 2020 03:35 PM |

Reading and Reimagining Inequality is the first seminar of International Law Outside the Box, the 2020/2021 CELI Peace Talks, the Annual Series of Leicester Law School's Centre for European Law and Internationalisation.

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CANCELLED: Conscious Uncoupling and the ties that still bind: Ireland and the UK after Brexit

CANCELLED: Conscious Uncoupling and the ties that still bind: Ireland and the UK after Brexit

Posted by csp12 at Mar 12, 2020 10:40 AM |

This event has been cancelled in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

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The ‘Continuum of Precariousness’ in EU Asylum Law, 19 February 2020

The ‘Continuum of Precariousness’ in EU Asylum Law, 19 February 2020

Posted by ab98 at Feb 12, 2020 09:45 AM |

Dr. Anne Neylon, Liverpool Law School, University of Liverpool

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Wishful thinking or common sense? Arguing for a new EU approach to unlawfully present migrants, 15 January 2020

Wishful thinking or common sense? Arguing for a new EU approach to unlawfully present migrants, 15 January 2020

Posted by csp12 at Nov 28, 2019 02:05 PM |

Mr Alan Desmond (University of Leicester) will argue a common EU approach to regularisation of undocumented migrants.

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