Policing Prisons: Organised Crime, Continued Criminality and the Rule of Law, 20 February 2019

Dr Kate Gooch, Leicester Law School

‘Anger, forgiveness and civility: a proposal to mainstream restorative justice’, Meredith Rossner Restorative justice has long been positioned as a justice mechanism that prioritises emotion and its expression. It is also unique in its ritual elements, such as the ritualized expression of anger and the symbolic exchange of apology and forgiveness. This paper draws on insights from research and practice in restorative justice and recent developments in criminology theory and the philosophy of justice to suggest some ways that the broader criminal justice landscape can incorporate elements of successful restorative justice rituals into its practice.

Part of the Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminology research cluster at Leicester Law School.


Date and time:  14:00, Wednesday, 6 March, 2019

Location:  Jan Grodecki Room (164), floor 1, Law, Fielding Johnson Building

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