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Recent Member Publications

2013 Publications

  • D Attenborough, 'The Vacuous Concept of Shareholder Voting Rights', forthcoming (2013) 14(2) European Business Organization Law Review.
  • P Cortés, ‘Building a Global Redress System for Low-Value Cross-Border Disputes’ (2013) 62(2) International Comparative Law Quarterly 407-440 (with F. Esteban de la Rosa).
  • Pablo Cortés, ‘A Comparative Review of Offers to Settle – Would an Emerging Settlement Culture Pave the Way for their Adoption in Continental Europe?’ (2013) 32(1) Civil Justice Quarterly 42-67.
  • A Cygan, ‘Regional Governance, Subsidiarity and Institutional Balance in the EU’s Multi-Level Governance Framework’ (2013) 19 European Public Law 161-188.
  • LC Hodson, ‘Women's Rights and the Periphery: CEDAW's Optional Protocol’ in European Journal of International law.
  • LC Hodson, ‘Activating the Law: Exploring NGOs' Legal Responses to Gross Human Rights Violations. In M. R. Madsen, & G. Verschraegen (eds), Making Human Rights Intelligible: Towards a Sociology of Human Rights (Oxford, Hart Publishing 2013).
  • P O’Connell, ‘Let Them Eat Cake: Socio-Economic in an Age of Austerity’ in Harvey, Nolan and O’Connell (eds), Human Rights and Public Finance (Oxford, Hart Publiching 2013) [forthcoming]
  • P Vargiu, Environmental Expropriation in International Investment Law, in T Treves and F Seatzu (eds.), Foreign Investment and Common Concerns: An International Law Perspective (T.M.C. Asser Press, forthcoming 2013)
  • P Vargiu P, ‘When Investment Law Takes Over: Towards a New Legal Regime to Regulate Asia Pacific's Submarine Cable Boom’, (2013) 29 Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs (forthcoming, with F Borgia).
  • H Yeung, Chinese Companies and the Hong Kong Stock Market (Routledge, forthcoming in 2013) (with Flora Huang).
  • KS Ziegler (ed), Current Problems in the Protection of Human Rights in Germany and the UK (Oxford, Hart Publishing 2013, with PM Huber).

2012 Publications

  • D Attenborough 'Giving Purpose to the Corporate Purpose Debate: An Equitable Maximisation and Viability Principle' (2012) 32 Legal Studies 4-34 (winner of the Best Paper Prize for the 2011 Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, Cambridge University).
  • R Babayev, ‘Equal treatment on grounds of movement and Union choice-of-law rules under Article 81 TFEU’, (2012) 19 Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law 63-83.
  • M Bell, 'Between Flexicurity and Fundamental Social Rights: the EU Directives on Atypical Work' (2012) 37 European Law Review 31-48
  • M Bell, 'Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Alternative Pathways in EU Equality Law' (2012) 60 American Journal of Comparative Law 127-146
  • P Cortés, ‘Il Ruolo dell’ADR nelle Controversie Familiari: una Riflessione sull’Offer to Settle fra Giurisdizioni in un Confronto tra Common Law e Civil Law’, in Le  Ragioni degli Altri. Mediazione e Famiglia tra Conflitto e Dialogo: una Prospettiva Comparatistica ed Interdisciplinare (Firenze University Press, 2012).
  • P Cortés, ‘Online Dispute Resolution for Consumers -Online Dispute Resolution Methods for Settling Business to Consumer Conflicts” in M Wahab, E Katsh, D Rainey (eds), Online Dispute Resolution (Eleven International Publishing, 2012) - 2012 CPR Book Prize.
  • A Cygan, ‘National Parliaments within the EU Polity - No Longer Losers But Hardly Victorious” (2012) 12 ERA Forum 517-533.
  • A Cygan, ‘Collective’ Subsidiarity Monitoring by National Parliaments after Lisbon – The Operation of the Early Warning Mechanism’, in Trybus and Rubini (eds), After Lisbon: The Future of European Law and Policy (Cheltenham, Edward Elgar 2012) 55-73.
  • L Gillies, ‘Creation of Subsidiary Jurisdiction Rules in the Recast of Brussels I: Back to the Drawing Board?’ (2012) 8 Journal of Private International Law 489- 512.
  • L Gillies, ‘Jurisdiction for Cross-Border Breach of Personality and Defamation under Article 5(3) of Regulation EC 44/2001: e-Date Advertising and Martinez’, (2012) 61 International and Comparative Law Quarterly 1007.
  • L Gillies, ‘Determining the Applicable Law for Breach of Competition Claims in the Rome II Regulation and the Need for Effective Consumer Collective Redress’, in M Kenny and J Devenney (eds), European Consumer Protection : Theory and Practice (Cambridge, CUP 2012).
  • LC Hodson, ‘Ties that Bind: Towards a Child-Centred Approach to Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Families Under the ECHR’ (2012) 20 The International Journal of Children's Rights 501-522.
  • LC Hodson, ‘States of Impunity: The Role of NGOs in Addressing Gross and Systematic Violations of the ECHR’, in C Santos (ed), Mobilização Transnacional do Direito: Portugal e o Tribunal Europeu dos Direitos Humanos [Transnational Legal Mobilization of Human Rights: Portugal and the European Court of Human Rights] (Almedina Press 2012).
  • P Lorber, Industrial Relations in the UK (Intersentia 2012) (with T Novitz).
  • P Lorber, ‘La protection des travailleurs en contrats à durée déterminée : l’utilisation délibérée de la Directive’ (2012) 1 Revue de Droit Comparé du Travail et de la Sécurité Sociale 71-79
  • J Mulder, ‘Some more equal than others? Matrimonial benefits and the CJEU case law on the discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation’, (2012) 19 Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law 505-523.
  • J Mulder, ‘Article 13: Economic and Social Life’ in Ingrid Westendorp (ed), The Women's Convention Turned 30: Achievements, Setbacks and Prospects (Cambridge, Intersentia 2012) 303-321 (with D Schiek).
  • P O’Connell, ‘Fundamental Social Rights’ in Tushnet, Fleiner and Saunders (eds), Routledge Handbook of Constitutional Law (Oxford, Routledge 2012) 375 (co-authored with G Katrougalos).
  • E Omorogbe, ‘The African Union, Responsibility to Protect and the Libyan crisis’ (2012) 59 Netherlands International Law Review 141-163.
  • S Thomas, 'Transfers of Documents of Title under English Law and the Uniform Commercial Code' [2012] Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 573-605
  • S Thomas, 'Goods with embedded software: obligations under Section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979' (2012) 26 International Review of Law, Computers & Technology 165-183
  • S Thomas, ‘The Right to Reject for Short Delivery and Termination’ (2012) 11 Journal of International Trade Law and Policy 44-64.
  • P Vargiu ‘The Inuit Declaration on Sovereignty in the Arctic: Between the Right to Self-Determination and a New Concept of Sovereignty?’ (2012) 4 The Yearbook of Polar Law 189–204 (with F Borgia).
  • A Witt, ‘Public Policy Goals under EU Competition Law – Now Is the Time to Set the House in Order’, (2012) 8 European Competition Journal 443-471.
  • A Witt, ‘From Airtours to Ryanair - is the more economic approach really about more economics?’ (2012) 49 Common Market Law Review 217–246.
  • H Yeung, ‘Managing Corporate Risks by Regulating Executive Pay: A Legal and Economic Analysis’ (2012) 2 Durham Law Review 43-63.
  • H Yeung, ‘Law and Finance: What Matters? Hong Kong as a Test Case’ (2012) 3 Asian Journal of Law and Economics 1-28 (with Flora Huang).
  • KS Ziegler (ed), Englisches Handels- und Wirtschaftsrecht [English Commercial and Economic Regulatory Law] (Frankfurt, Recht und Wirtschaft 2012, with V Triebel, M Illmer, W-G Ringe and S Vogenauer).

2011 Publications

  • M Bell, 'Achieving the Objectives of the Part-Time Work Directive? Revisiting the Part-Time Workers Regulations' (2011) 40 Industrial Law Journal 254-279
  • M Bell, 'British Developments in Non-Discrimination Law: the Equality Act' in R Schulze (ed), Non-Discrimination in European Private Law (Tübingen, Mohr Siebeck 2011) 209-231.
  • M Bell, 'The Principle of Equal Treatment: Widening and Deepening' in P Craig and G de Burca (eds), The Evolution of EU Law (2nd edn, Oxford, OUP 2011) 611-639.
  • M Bell, 'Exploring the Boundaries of Positive Action under EU Law: a search for Conceptual Clarity' (2011) 48 Common Market Law Review 1503-1526 (with Lisa Waddington).
  • M Bell, 'The Principle of Non-discrimination within the Fixed-Term Work Directive' in MA Moreau, Before and After the Economic Crisis: What Implications for the 'European Social Model'? (Cheltenham, Edward Elgar 2011) 155-169.
  • M Bell, 'Promoting Equality through Social Inclusion: Case Studies from the European Social Charter' in T Novitz and D Mangan (eds), The Role of Labour Standards in Development: From Theory to Sustainable Practice? (OUP 2011) 76-94.
  • P Cortés, ‘Negocia o Atente a las Consecuencias – La Condena en Costas en los Derechos del Common Law y su Aplicación en el Proceso Civil Español’, (2011) 11 inDret Procesal: Revista para el Analisis del Derecho 1-37 (with F. Sotelo).
  • P Cortés, ‘Developing Online Dispute Resolution for Consumers in the EU: A Proposal for the Regulation of Accredited Providers’ (2011) 19 International Journal of Law and Information Technology 1-28.
  • C Crifó, ‘Europeanisation, Harmonisation and Unspoken Premises: the Case of Service Rules in the Regulation on a European Small Claims Procedure (Reg. No 861/2007)’ (2011) 30 Civil Justice Quarterly 283-303.
  • P Cumper, '”Public Reason”, Judicial Deference and the right to Freedom of Religion and Belief under the Human Rights Act 1998’, (2011) 22 Kings Law Journal 131-156 (with T Lewis.
  • S Cunningham, ‘Complicating Complicity: Aiding and Abetting Causing Death by Dangerous Driving in R v Martin’ (2011) 74(5) Modern Law Review 767-793.
  • A Cygan, ‘The Parliamentarisation of EU Decision-Making? The Impact of the Treaty of Lisbon on National Parliaments’ (2011) 36 European Law Review 478-497.
  • L Gillies, ‘The EU Optional Instrument: Absorbing the Private International Law Implications of a Common European Sales Law’ (2011) 13 Yearbook of Private International Law 315-344 (with M Kenny and J Devenney).
  • L Gillies, ‘Clarifying the ‘Philosophy of Article 15’ in the Brussels I Regulation: C-585/08 Peter Pammer v Reedere Karl Schluter GmbH & Co and C-144/09 Hotel Alpenhof GesmbH & Co KG v Oliver Heller’ (2011) 60 International and Comparative Law Quarterly 557-564.
  • L Hodson ‘A Marriage by Any Other Name? Schalk and Kopf v Austria’, (2011) 11 Human Rights Law Review 170-179.
  • T Kaime, The Convention on the Rights of the Child: A Cultural legitimacy Critique (Groningen, Europa Law Publishing 2011).
  • T Kaime, ‘Cultural Legitimacy and Regulatory Transitions for Climate Change: A Discursive Framework’ (2011) 3 Carbon & Climate Law Review 321-329.
  • D Mangan, ‘An Argument for the Common Law Defence of Honest Comment’ (2011) 16 Communications Law 140.
  • D Mangan (ed), The Role of Labour Standards in Development: From Theory to Sustainable Practice? (Oxford, Oxford University Press/The British Academy 2011) (with T Novitz).
  • D Mangan, ‘Seeking a normative solution for an exceptional circumstance’ (2011) Journal of Personal Injury Law 144.
  • J Mulder, ‘Intersectionality in EU Law – A Critical Re-appraisal’, in D Schiek and A Lawson (eds), European Union Non-Discrimination Law and Intersectionality: Investigating the Triangle of Racial, Gender and Disability Discrimination (Ashgate, Farnham 2011) 259-273 (with D Schiek).
  • P O’Connell, ‘The Death of Socio-Economic Rights’ (2011) 74 Modern Law Review 532.
  • E Omorogbe, ‘A Club of Incumbents? The African Union and Coups d’État” (2011) 44 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 123-154.
  • E Omorogbe, ‘Can the African Union Deliver Peace and Security’ (2011) 16 Journal of Conflict and Security Law 35-62.
  • M Shaw, ‘The Article 12 (3) Declaration of the Palestinian National Authority, the International Criminal Court and International Law”, (2011) 9 Journal of International Criminal Justice 301-24.
  • M Shaw, ‘International Law: A System of Relationships’, (2011) 3 Collected Courses of the Xiamen Academy of International Law 237-340.
  • E Szyszczak, ‘The Survival of the Market Economic Investor Principle in Liberalised Markets’ (2011) European State Aid Law Quarterly 35-40
  • S Thomas, ‘The Origins of the Factors Acts 1823 and 1825’ (2011) 32 Journal of Legal History 151-187.
  • H Yeung, ‘A Comparative and Functional Approach to Corporate Law Teaching’ (2011) 8 US-China Law Review 856-865.
  • H Yeung, ‘From Further North: The Case of Rusal’s (Russian Aluminium) Listing in Hong Kong’ (2011) 22 International Company and Commercial Law Review 56-64.
  • KS Ziegler, The evolution of fundamental rights charters and case law: a comparison of the European and the United Nations systems (together with L Lazarus, N Ghanea, C Costello, European Parliament, Directorate General for Internal Policies 2011 (250 pages), http://www.europarl.europa.eu/activities/committees/studies/download.do?language=en& file=34751
  • KS Ziegler, ‘International Law and EU Law: Between Asymmetric Constitutionalisation and Fragmentation’, in Alexander Orakhelashvili (ed) Research Handbook on the Theory of International Law (Cheltenham, Elgar 2011), chapter 10, pp. 268-327
  • KS Ziegler ‘”Abuse of Law” in the Context of Free Movement of Workers’, in Rita de la Feria and Stefan Vogenauer (eds), The Prohibition of Abuse of Law – A New General Principle of EU Law? (Oxford, Hart Publishing 2011), chapter 21, pp. 295-314.

2010 Publications

  • P Cortés, Online Dispute Resolution for Consumers in the European Union (Routledge 2010).
  • P Cumper, ‘Last Rites and Human Rights: Funeral Pyres and Religious Freedom in the United Kingdom’ (2010) 12 Ecclesiastical Law Journal 131-151 (with T Lewis).
  • S Cunningham, ‘Recklessness: Being Reckless and Acting Recklessly’ (2010) 21 King’s Law Journal 445-467.
  • A Cygan, ‘State Liability After Traghetti: Have National Courts Finally Been Brought In To Line?’ in A Cygan and L Spadacini (eds), Constitutional Implications of the Traghetti Judgment: Italian and Eurpean Perspectives (Gussago, Bibliofabbrica 2010) 32-54.
  • A Cygan, ‘The European Court of Justice and External Relations: Internationalist Objectives or Integrationist Priorities’, in D Bailey and U Wunderlich (eds), The Handbook on the EU and Global Governance (London, Routledge, 2010) 107-119.
  • C Graham, EU and Uk Competition Law (London, Longmans 2010).


  • Hodson, NGOs and the Struggle for Rights in Europe (Oxford, Hart Publishing 2010).
  • T Kaime, ‘Vernacularising’ the Convention on the Right of the Child: Rights and culture as Analytic Tools’, (2010) 18 International Journal of Children’s Rights 637-653.
  • P Lorber, ‘United Kingdom National Report’, in F Dorssemont and T Blanke (eds), The Recast of the European Works Councils Directive (Intersentia/ETUI 2010) 213-223.
  • D Mangan, ‘Human Rights and the Workplace in a Global Market Economy’ (2010) 65 Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations 673.
  • D Mangan, ‘Failed Business Reorganisation: Compensating the Stigmatised Employee’ (2010) 21 King’s Law Journal 393.
  • D Mangan, ‘The Leadership Predicament: School Principals and the Law in Ontario’ (2010) 11 Education Law Journal 36.
  • D Mangan, ‘The Challenge of Identifying Teachers as Professionals’, in R Flynn (ed), Educational Leadership Today and Tomorrow: The Law as Friend or Foe (Toronto, Canadian Association for the Practical Study of Law in Education 2010) 275.
  • Y Brunger, ‘“In the Interests of Peace and the Interests of Justice”, Deferrals: A Constructive Tool for Conflict Resolution?’, in N Quenivet and S Shah-Davis (eds), International Law and Armed Conflict (Asser Press 2010).
  • P O’Connell, ‘The Human Right to Health in an Age of Market Hegemony’, in Harrington and Stuttaford (eds), Global Health and Human Rights: Legal and Philosophical Perspectives (Oxford, Routledge 2010) 190.
  • P O’Connell, ‘Brave New World?: Human Rights in the Era of Globalisation’, in Baderin and Ssenyonjo (eds), International Human Rights Law: 60 Years after the UDHR (Surrey, Ashgate 2010) 195.
  • E Szyszczak, ‘Controlling Dominance in European Markets’ (2010) 33 Fordham International Law Journal 1738 -1775.
  • E Szyszczak, ‘ADR: Effective Protection of Consumer Rights?’ (2010) 5 European Law Review 695-706 (with J Davies).
  • S Thomas, ‘Do Freegans commit theft?’ (2010) 30 Legal Studies 98-125.
  • P Vargiu, The establishment of the United Nations Appeals Tribunal’, (2010) 7 International Organizations Law Review 261.
  • L Wicks, The Right to Life and Conflicting Interests (Oxford University Press, 2010).
  • L Wicks, ‘Positive and Negative Obligations under the Right to Life in English Medical Law’, in J Yorke (ed), Orientations of the Right and Value of Life (Ashgate 2010).
  • A Witt, ‘The Commission’s Guidance Paper on Abusive Exclusionary Conduct - more radical than it appears?’ (2010) 35 European Law Review 214–235.
  • H Yeung, ‘Just Another Casino? The Case of Launching the Growth Enterprise Board in China’ (2010) 21 International Company and Commercial Law Review 68-81.

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