Wishful thinking or common sense? Arguing for a new EU approach to unlawfully present migrants, 15 January 2020

Mr Alan Desmond (University of Leicester) will argue a common EU approach to regularisation of undocumented migrants.

Since the EU gained law making powers in the field of immigration and asylum in 1999, its main response to the issue of irregular or unlawful migration has been to try to prevent the arrival of irregular migrants and to deport those who have managed to enter or remain in the EU. This focus on prevention and expulsion has eclipsed an alternative response to the phenomenon of irregular migration, namely, regularisation. Regularisation is the process whereby a state confers a legal status on an unlawfully present migrant. In this paper I argue for a common EU approach to regularisation and, furthermore, that there are some situations in which EU member states are obliged to regularise undocumented migrants instead of seeking to deport them.


Date and time: Wednesday, 15 January 2020, 4.00–5.00 pm)

Venue: Room L67 (Fielding Johnson building, floor 2)

Speaker: Alan Desmond (Leicester Law School)

Attendance is free and open to all, but please email us at celi@le.ac.uk if you wish to attend.

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