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Professor of Socio-Legal Studies 
Telephone: 0116 252 2340

Personal details

LLB (Leicester) DPhil (Oxford), Fellow HEA

My research lies in the fields of criminal law, criminal justice and family law. I am particularly interested in police and prosecution decision-making, criminal courts, victims’ rights and domestic violence. I have considerable experience in carrying out externally-funded socio-legal research projects and have produced numerous research reports for UK government departments. Examples of my empirical work include a project commissioned by the Home Office to evaluate special measures to protect vulnerable and intimidated witnesses and two projects commissioned by the Crown Prosecution Service to examine specialist domestic violence courts. Most recently I have carried out a major study of the way the criminal justice system handles cases of rape and serious violence. The research was commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and carried out in collaboration with other academics and the social research organisation TNS-BMRB.

I have also had a strong commitment to policy relevant research in family law. I completed a study of the effectiveness of civil law remedies for domestic violence for the forebear of the Ministry of Justice and was commissioned by the Legal Services Commission to carry out a review of the decline in applications for protection orders under the Family Law Act 1996 after reforms made to the law made by the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004. Achieving impact beyond academia is a key component of my research. I have contributed to the development of practitioner responses to domestic violence at both local and national level as a member of several advisory and project implementation groups.

Many strands of my empirical and theoretical work are brought together in my monograph Legal Reponses to Domestic Violence (Routledge Cavendish, 2008). I am co-author (with Professors Cownie and Bradney) of English Legal System in Context (6th ed, OUP, 2013). She is co-author (with Professors Sanders and Young) of Criminal Justice, (4th ed, OUP 2010) and is currently working on the fifth edition to be published in 2014. She is co editor (with Dr Watkins) of Research Methods in Law (Routledge, 2013).


I currently teach criminal justice and criminal law at undergraduate level, and periodically contributes to family law teaching. At postgraduate level I teach socio-legal research methods, including research ethics.


2009 research reports and articles

Burton, M (2009) Domestic Abuse Literature Review, Legal Services Commission.

Burton, M (2009) ‘The Civil Law Remedies for Domestic Violence: Why are applications for non-molestation orders declining?’ Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, forthcoming.

Burton, M (2009) ‘Failing to Protect: Victims’ Rights and Police Liability’ Modern Law Review, 72(2) 283-295.

2008 books and articles

Burton, M (2008) Legal Responses to Domestic Violence, Routledge-Cavendish.

Burton , M (2008) ‘Scream Quietly or the Neighbours will Hear’: Domestic violence, ‘nuisance neighbours’ and the public/private dichotomy revisited’, Child and Family Law Quarterly , 20(1) 95-108.

2007 books and articles

Cownie, F, Bradney, A and Burton, M (2007) English Legal System in Context, 4th edition, Oxford University Press.

Burton M, Evans, R and Sanders A (2007) Vulnerable and intimidated witnesses and the adversarial process in England and Wales, The International Journal of Evidence and Proof, 1-23.

2006 research reports and articles

Burton, M, Evans, R and Sanders, A (2006) Are Special Measures for Vulnerable and Intimidated Witnesses Working? Evidence from the criminal justice agencies, Home Office Online Report 01/06. Summarised in Burton, M, Evans, R and Sanders, A (2006) An evaluation of the use of special measures for vulnerable and intimidated witnesses, Home Office Research Findings 270.

Burton, M, Evans, R and Sanders, A (2006) ‘Protecting Children in Criminal Proceedings: Parity for child witnesses and child defendants’, Child and Family Law Quarterly, 18(3), 397-406.

Burton, M (2006) ‘Judicial Monitoring of Compliance: Introducing ‘problem solving’ approaches into domestic violence courts in England and Wales’, International Journal of Law, Policy and Family, 20(3) 366-78.

Burton, M, Evans, R and Sanders, A (2006) ‘Implementing Special Measures for Vulnerable and Intimidated Witnesses: The Problem of Identification’, Criminal Law Review, 229-240.

2005 research reports and articles

Burton, M and Cownie, F (2005) Transcripts of Trials, Department for Constitutional Affairs (unpublished).

Vallely, C, Robinson, A, Burton, M and Tredidga, J (2005) Evaluation of Domestic Violence Pilot Sites at Caerphilly (Gwent) and Croydon 2004/5: Final Report, Crown Prosecution Service.

Cook, D, Burton, M and Robinson, A (2005) ‘Enhancing ‘Safety and Justice’: The Role of Specialist Domestic Violence Courts in England and Wales’ British Society of Criminology, (

2004 research reports and articles

Cook, D., Burton, M. Robinson, A. and Vallely, C (2004) Evaluation of Specialist

Domestic Violence Courts/Fast Track Systems, Crown Prosecution Service and Department for Constitutional Affairs.

Burton, M (2004) ‘Lomas v Parle- Coherent and Effective Remedies for Victims of Domestic Violence: Time for an Integrated Domestic Violence Court? Child and Family Law Quarterly, 16(3), 317-329.

Burton, M (2004) Domestic Violence-From Consultation to Bill: Closer integration of the civil and criminal justice systems, Family Law, 128-132. 2003 Books and Articles

Cownie, F, Bradney, A and Burton, M (2003) English Legal System in Context, 3rd edition, Oxford University Press.

Burton, M (2003) ‘Sentencing Domestic Homicide Upon Provocation’, Feminist Legal Studies, 279-289.

Burton, M (2003) ‘Third party applications for protection orders in England and Wales: service provider’s views on implementing Section 60 of the Family Law Act 1996’, Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 137-150.

Burton, M (2003) ‘Criminalising breaches of civil orders for protection from domestic violence’, Criminal Law Review, 301-313.

2002 Research Report Burton, M, McCrory M and Buck T (2002) The civil remedies for domestic violence under the Family Law Act 1996: Is section 60 the way forward? Lord Chancellor’s Department (unpublished).

2001 articles

Burton, M. (2001) 'Intimate Homicide and the Provocation Defence: Endangering Women?', Feminist Legal Studies, 247-258.

Burton, M. (2001) 'Reviewing Crown Prosecution Service Decisions not to Prosecute', Criminal Law Review, 374-384.

2000 articles

Burton, M. (2000) 'Prosecution decisions in cases of domestic violence involving children', Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 175-191.


  • Socio-legal studies
  • Criminal law
  • Criminal justice
  • Family law


I welcome applications from potential Phd students, especially those interested in doing empirical work in my areas of expertise. One of my successful Phd students has completed a study of the treatment of vulnerable and intimidated witnesses in Malaysia. I am currently supervising a study of domestic violence and divorce.

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