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BA (Hons) Oxon, PG Cert Ed (Birmingham City University), Solicitor (non-practising), PhD (Leicester)

I joined the University of Leicester as a lecturer in law in 2013. On 1 September 2014, I took up the post of Course Director for the LLM Employment Law (distance learning) course.


My research is in international and European labour law, and the conjunction between labour law and legal theory.

My current research investigates the interaction between (diplomatic and state) immunity and labour law.

In 2014, I was awarded a grant from the Association of Commonwealth Universities to present my research to an international audience at HEC Montreal, Canada. I also conduct peer reviews for the E-Journal of International and Comparative Labour Studies.


I am happy to supervise doctoral projects in my field of interest, particularly European/International labour law and labour law theory.


  • L Rodgers, 'State Immunity and Employment Relationships before the European Court of Human Rights' (2018) ERA Forum.  Online DOI:10.1007/s12027-018-0529-0
  • L  Rodgers, ‘Theorising labour law in the state of exception: political and judicial responses to crisis’ in A Blackham, M Kullman and A Zybszewska Theorising Labour Law in a Changing World: Towards Inclusive Labour Law (Hart 2018/9)
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  • L Rodgers, ‘Public Employment and Access to Justice in Employment Law’ Industrial Law Journal (2014) 43(4) 373-397.  Online doi:10.1093/indlaw/dwu020
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  • L Rodgers, ‘Labour Law and the Public Interest: Discrimination and Beyond’ (2011) 2 (4) European Labour Law Journal 302-322 ISSN 2031 9525
  • L Rodgers, ‘Labour Law and Employment Policy in the EU: Conflict or Consensus?’ (2011) 27 (4) International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations 387-406 ISSN 0952 617X
  • L Rodgers, ‘Time to Train Rights: A New Impetus for Skills Development in the Workplace?’ (2010) 39 (3) Industrial Law Journal 312-320 ISSN 0305 9332
  • L Rodgers, ‘The Self Employed and the Directive on Working Time for Mobile Transport Workers’ (2009) 38(3) Industrial Law Journal 339-342 ISSN 0305 9332
  • L Rodgers, ‘The Notion of Working Time’ (2009) 38 (1) Industrial Law Journal 80- 88 ISSN 0305 9332

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