Student Law Societies

Our student law societies welcome you to join them for social occasions, competitions, career development and more.

Leicester University Law Society

The largest society is the Leicester University Law Society and a key part throughout your journey at Leicester. They form part of the Undergraduate Student Staff committee that helps shape our courses. Their activities include

  • An orientation day on arrival to publicise activities.
  • Social events to meet other students, guides around the city, nights out, sports days, annual Law Ball, and trips to various sports teams.
  • Mooting and competitions arranged with the Law School; External mooting against other universities, senior and junior mooting, as well as speed mooting. Competitions include debating, negotiating, client interviewing as well as mediation. All competitions manage to compete at regionals as well as nationals.
  • Careers, benefit from the annual Law fair with representatives from over 50 law companies. You will also meet representatives from law firms (including ‘magic circle’ companies) at cocktail evenings and coffee sessions aimed at those wanting to be solicitors. Barrister evenings and speed networking are also big opportunities for students wanting to pursue the bar.
  • Trips where you will discover more about becoming a professional lawyer to venues such as the four Inns of Court in London as well as open days at BPP Law School and University of Law to learn about the BPTC and LPC exams. The annual trip to Strasbourg in France provides members the opportunity to witness cases at the European Court of Human Rights as well as seeing the inner workings of the European Parliament.
  • Opportunities to participate in Pro Bono work that aim to promote greater access to legal aid through three main projects; the Free Legal Advice Clinic, the Innocence Project, and Street Law. Students are able to advise on various areas of law and to take on cases where appeal processes have been exhausted.
  • Articles and the opportunity to flaunt your legal writing skills on any topic of law for the chance to be included in the published copy of The University of Leicester Law Society Review. Prizes and opportunity by international firms on the best article are awarded.
  • Guest speakers from members of the legal community discussing their career as a QC, solicitors or barrister, and academic presenting their research interests. This also includes speakers of famous cases discussing their miscarriage of justice.

Visit their website for more information:

Canadian Law Society

The Canadian Law Society at the University of Leicester (CLS) is the representative body for Canadian law students at the University of Leicester, providing a wide range of social, educational and career-oriented programs and events for both Canadian and non-Canadian students.

  • Careers events aimed at those planning on working in Canada post-graduation, with advice and guidance on accreditation and starting your career.
  • Social events include evening occasions, trips to Parliament and the Supreme Court in London, charity fund-raising and a variety of social parties. For home-sick Canadians, there is a Thanksgiving meal in October and group socials!
  • Guest speakers have included Canadian lawyer Jack Lavers, Dr. Chris Waters (academic in international law) and the Honourable Robert Hyslop, a Provincial Court judge from Newfoundland, and this past year included the Canadian Deputy High Commissioner, Mr Alan H Kessel as well as The Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada.

Visit the University of Leicester Canadian Law Society at

The European Law Students’ Association (ELSA)

Would you like to get involved with organisations such as the UN or the Council of Europe? Participate in a mooting competition in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Attend a Law School in Dubai? Do you generally seek something different from your University experience? Then let us introduce you to ELSA.

With 40,000 members ELSA is the world’s largest independent law students’ association. ELSA operates primarily through its Local Groups which are located at nearly 300 law faculties in universities throughout 42 countries in Europe.

ELSA is not an Association for only ‘Europeans’. ELSA currently has members and observers in: Albania, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the UK. Furthermore, ELSA co-operates with other student organisations across the world, for instance the Asian Law Students' Association in Asia or the Israeli Law Students Association.

ELSA offers unique experiences not otherwise offered by other Societies in the University. Some of these are listed below

  • Would you like the opportunity of a traineeship in Germany, Sweden, Kazakhstan or Malta? The Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP) helps you gain working experience abroad. Calls for applications: twice a year.
  • Do you want to represent ELSA as a delegate in institutions such as UNESCO, the UN Human Rights Bodies, the Council of Europe, WIPO, UNCITRAL and so on?
  • Do you enjoy mooting? ELSA hosts two mooting competitions: the Human Rights Moot Court Competition (with prize a traineeship in the ECtHR) and the ELSA Moot Court Competition (EMC2), a simulated hearing of the Dispute Settlement System of the World Trade Organization (WTO) on international trade law.
  • Want something more creative? Try the ELSA Summer Law Schools or the International Law Schools in Dubai and China offered by our valued partner the CBL International.
  • In a Local Level ELSA Leicester organises inter alia Lectures, Panel Discussions, Debates, Court Visits and the Study Visits (student exchange programme). Our last two Study Visits were organised in Spain and Greece. Where do you want to go this year?

Like what we have to offer? Visit to learn more and contact ELSA Leicester to become a member of the world’s largest law student association.

GEEKLAW – Information Technology Law Society

GEEKLAW was founded in 2013. Our mission is to incorporate Information and Communication Technology into students’ academic life, preparing them for an entry into the modern economy. Our aims are to be achieved by offering our members, the University of Leicester community and the general public the following events

  • Conferences – The primary purpose for these conferences, besides providing opportunities to acquire practical skills, is to serve as a platform for orienting law students to information technology topics and issues of significant legal consequence.
  • Certification Courses – The primary purpose for these certification courses is to provide law students with skills they can leverage during internships and later on in their professional lives. GEEKLAW offers certification courses in Legal Software Systems, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and Electronic Evidence.
  • Please note that conferences and certification courses are offered solely by GEEKLAW and in partnership with our corporate sponsors. There is no affiliation with the School of Law or the University of Leicester.

Please visit our website and blog for more additional information: GEEKLAW and LegalBrew.

University Of Leicester Pan-African Law Society (PALS)

University of Leicester School of Law is home to no less than 60 students from Africa. A majority of those students will opt to return and practice in their indigenous countries, which entails that they pass their local Bar exam.

Coming from a different clime (Africa) to study in the United Kingdom can be a challenge, which can cost some of these students their first year in Law school.

The emerging economies of Africa have highlighted the significance of African Law.

The primary role of the Pan-African Law Society is to ensure that African Students, with their unique cultural heritage, get the most from their education whilst studying at and upon graduation from the University of Leicester. The society will also expose Leicester Law Students to the developments and possibilities in the African Legal systems to build upon the University of Leicester’s international reputation.

Mission: Provide a support system for Leicester Law students by Leicester Students interested in law practice of African countries.

We aim to provide

  • Orientation during the first week of term for new students on how to succeed as a Leicester Law Student.
  • A strong Pan-African Alumni association for networking.
  • Mentorship programmes for Leicester Law students interested in African practice being placed in reputable law firms in the UK as well as in Africa for tutelage.
  • Properly prepare Leicester Law Students for the indigenous African bar qualification exams by providing them with practise handbooks and summer classes.
  • Offer seminars and workshops with keynote speakers versed in the practise of Law in Africa.
  • Partnerships with existing Law Societies in order to provide key content for students interested in topics relevant to Africa.
  • Organise debates to discuss topics concerning practice in Africa and its development.
  • Offer newsletters to keep the society members as well as alumni’s up to date with information from African legal systems. ​

Visit the University Of Leicester Pan-African Law Society for more information at

University of Leicester Sports Law Society

University of Leicester Sports Law Society (ULSLS) is a newly established society providing a range of social, academic and networking events. All events focus on law with regards to sport, whether that be athlete contracts, governance, anti-doping or such like.

  • Academic events include guest speakers and attending conferences, including the largest British sports law conference hosted by LawInSport.
  • Members of the society have previously taken part in, and won, the first National Sports Law Negotiation Competition.

Please visit the University of Leicester Sports Law Society webpage for more information:

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