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The Sustainability Game

This game has been developed by Emma Tebbs, Sarah Jones and Martin Birks and trialled during visits to Kenya. It is based on the environment around Lake Bogoria.

The game looks at how to use the resources in the environment, in this case water, trees, swamps and pastures crops, fish ponds, honey, wildlife and livestock, it demonstrates how closely they are interlinked and the effects of using each resource on the others.

Emma has visited the region four times over the last few years and developed the game based on a traditional African game called Boa which revolves around the idea of stealing your neighbour’s cows, a precious resource and demonstration of wealth in the region. The new game aims to promote the sustainable use of natural resources. It was developed by working closely with the community to determine what resources are important to them. As a result the game is a powerful educational tool for schools in the area due to its local significance.

The Sustainability Game Film : The Sustainability Game was developed by students at the University of Leicester and trialled during visits to Kenya. It is based on the environment around Lake Bogoria and it teaches players about the sustainable use of natural resources. The Centre for Interdisciplinary Science have produced this film to accompany the game. The film gives an introduction to the environment in Lake Bogoria and describes the natural resources found in the area. It also describes the problems facing local communities due to the over use of these resources. Finally the film describes the development of the Sustainability Game and the instructions for how to play. To watch the film visit,

Game Board can be downloaded here
Rules can be downloaded here


Equipment Required:

  • 1 board per player (laminated for durability)
  • Large quantity of small beads or large seeds per group
  • 1 central container for beads/seeds per group
  • 1 die per group

The new game was tested in local schools and eduction centres on a recent visit to Lake Bogoria by Interdisciplinary Science student, Matt Howard, on a field trip to the region. When he asked the pupils what the game had taught them, feedback comments included:


"Water is life, there is no living without water"
"I have learnt the need to sustain our environment as we are the custodians of it"

Voluntary Donations

If you would like to make a small donation to support the communities surrounding lake Bogoria please visit my fundraising web site. Money raised so far has paid for Ezekiel Chebii to complete a course in wildlife management. Ezakiel helped to develop the sustainability game. We are now raising money to help other students in the Lake Bogoria area to continue their education.

For more information contact: Emma Tebbs
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7848 2628

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