Teaching Innovation: Practice and Publication

A two-day “retreat” for teaching focused staff in higher education to provide support for staff implementing and publishing novel approaches to teaching.

Target Participants

Teaching-focussed staff in HE (“TFs”) – although the content will be most relevant to staff in STEM subjects staff from other disciplines will be welcome.

The meeting is open to all employees of UK academic institutions

Aims of the Meeting

  1. To provide a forum for TFs to develop pedagogic ideas
  2. To assist in framing development activities to generate pedagogic publications
  3. To support TFs in preparing research for publication

Date and Time

13-14 July 2017, Start ~ 10:30 Thursday, Finish ~16:30 Friday


Brookfield Site, 266 London Road, Leicester LE2 1RQ 

University of Leicester


The following outline provides more structured support in getting started with educational research, and are optional. You may prefer to work independently for much of the time, and take advantage of the location and company to focus on achieving your own writing goals.


Day 1: Workshop 1

Publication and Dissemination

We usually start our discipline research by becoming familiar with the literature. PedR can be approached in the same way. This will help frame the sort of research question that is timely and tractable and determine the outlets for publication and dissemination. In the introduction to the session the organisers will discuss types of publication (print and on-line), conferences and the use of social media to build a research profile. The workshop session will include consultation of journals and web sites relevant to educational research, both generic and in your discipline.

Workshop 2

Framing a Research Question

We will introduce various approaches to extracting a research question from your existing teaching or from your development work. You will be guided through some of the questions that educational research asks, and how the questions themselves imply different forms of pedagogical research. The workshop will involve refining your own questions, and developing the enquiry into an abstract.

Day 2: Workshop 1

Collecting Data

The session will include essential ethical considerations and discussion of what counts as data. We shall introduce the appropriate use of quantitative and qualitative data and mixed approaches.  The workshop will involve drafting a plan for data collection with a rationale for each element. There is opportunity to construct and review data collection tools, which may include for example a semi-structured focus group questionnaire.

Workshop 2

Analysing Data

The session will involve an introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics. The session will also look at ways of analysing qualitative data and ways of reporting your analysis.

At the conclusion of this workshop delegates should have a formulated an outline of a pedagogical research paper.

We shall also be proposing joint research projects which you may wish to join.

How to Attend

To reserve a place please email Derek Raine: jdr@le.ac.uk

You will be notified nearer the time how to pay for the event.

What some of last year’s participants said:

“Has been very beneficial to me and I would definitely recommend it to colleagues. “

“Face to face discussions with experts in the field were really helpful”

“Very good reading materials sent ahead of the workshop”

“A good opportunity for me as an early career teaching fellow to learn about pedagogic research because it seems this type of opportunity is rare in the UK”


IOP Members
Two days including accommodation on 13 July and all meals (except conference dinner) and refreshments £105
Day rate including lunch and refreshments £30 per day
Conference Dinner (optional) £15
Non-IOP Members
Two days including accommodation on 13 July and all meals (except conference dinner) and refreshments £155
Day rate including lunch and refreshments £40 per day
Conference Dinner (optional) £15

Accommodation can not be guaranteed for applications received after 6 June 2017

Please note that travel costs will have to be met by participants.

The programme will be delivered by:
The Leicester Learning Institute
The Centre for Interdisciplinary Science, UoL