Our next Interdisciplinary Research Lecture..

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"Dynamics by Design" with Dr Jim Collett

Thursday 22nd November 2018, 5-6pm

Lecture Theatre A, Physics and Astronomy

There is a great tradition of physical model-building in science that has been largely eclipsed by the upsurge in computational and virtual-reality simulations. The beauty and ingenuity of mechanical representations of nature now seem confined to the museums. However, there is a lot to be learnt from the design of these devices and from their use. We will explore this from a modern perspective and you can make and keep one such device at the end of the session.

Our Interdisciplinary Research Lectures happen twice a year. They are part of our undergraduate programme but are open to the public. We invite distinguished interdisciplinary researchers to talk about their research in an accessible way. The lectures are free to attend but registration is required, please email iscience@le.ac.uk