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Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Topics (JIST) is an online journal with scientific papers written Interdisciplinary Science students as part of their 3rd year module: Interdisciplinary Research Journal (05/08/2013).

An important part of being a professional scientist (as well as many other professions) is the ability to make connections between the vast quantity of information you have at your command, and being able to utilise the knowledge and techniques you have previously mastered in a new or novel context.

The Interdisciplinary Research Journal module models this process, and gives students an opportunity to practise this way of thinking. The intention of this module is to allow students to experience what it’s like to be at the cutting edge of scientific research. They will develop a familiarity with current research by accessing and discussing the literature and learn how to write their own short academic research papers.

Research Literature (first half of the module)

Research groups in both academia and industry hold regular seminars where members of the group present updates on their own work as well as summaries of relevant research in the scientific literature. Students will gain experience of presenting their own work in the Project module and will gain experience of summarising other people’s research in this module.

Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Topics (JIST) (second half of the module)

This section of the module is intended to provide students with an insight into the academic publishing process. The module models the entire academic publication process starting from writing their own short academic research papers, through the editing and review process, to finally publishing their paper in an online journal.

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