NS3022: Mathematics for Science III



Length: Continuous throughout the year


Module Synopsis:

Mathematics is the language of much of science and is an integral part of the Natural Sciences programme. This module is designed to support your core work and build upon the topics covered in the previous years. As in the first year module, students who are familiar of the material or demonstrate an aptitude for the subject may submit work ahead of time. If the material has been mastered to an appropriate level then attendance at the classes/workshops are not required. Otherwise you will join students who have not previously come across the material in two classes, after which you can have two attempts at completing the work for a Unit. In this way we expect each student to achieve mastery of all the material.

Each mathematics unit is broken down in to two sections: competency based (section A) and Application (section B) questions. The Competency-based section covers the material required to test that you have attained an adequate level of mastery of all the techniques of that Unit.

The Applications questions develop this mastery, providing additional practice in the techniques with particular focus on applying the mathematics to quantitative scientific problem solving, many examples of which you will address in your Core modules.


  • Matrices: algebraic manipulations of matrices; determinant and inverse matrices; linear systems of equations; eigenvalues and eigenvectors
  • Partial Differentiation: find partial derivatives of simple functions with many variables; Taylor and MacLaurin series; stationary points
  • Vector Calculus: gradient of a scalar field; divergence and curl of a vector field; manipulating vector identities

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