NS3018: Sensing and Signalling in Biology and Physics


Chemical and Electromagnetic Signalling

Credits: 15

Length: 5 weeks

Module Synopsis:

Welcome to this module on aspects of communication. This will cover communication within and between biological cells as well as electromagnetic signals. Cell signalling is a frontier area in biological science research and electromagnetic communication is a key developing technology. The final week applies information theory, originally developed for electronic communication, to chemical signalling in the cell.

Learning Objectives:

  • Cell Signalling Systems
  • Protein Interactions
  • Specificity in Signalling Pathways
  • Information encoding, tramsmission and conversion
  • Evolution in Signalling Pathways
  • RLC Circuits
  • Transmission Lines
  • Maxwell's Equations
  • Electromagnetic Theory
  • Physics of Nerve Transmission
  • Entropy and Information in Cell Signalling Pathways

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