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5 Top Tips for Freshers

By Tabitha from Natural Sciences. Published on Sep 04, 2018.

Hey, congratulations! Your A-Levels are over and you’ve made it – you’re going to uni. Seeing as you’ve chosen to come to Leicester, you’ve obviously got good common sense (and impeccable taste in higher education providers). However, I thought it would still be beneficial for me to compile a short list of five hints and […]

Top Tips: Packing for Uni

By Tabitha from Natural Sciences. Published on Aug 08, 2018.

Packing your entire life up in boxes can be a daunting prospect, but I promise that it’s so, so much easier than it first appears. Well, maybe ‘easy’ is the wrong word, but it’s certainly do-able.   My first recommendation for a stress-free packing experience is to use a packing list. I personally like this […]

RAG Week 2018

By Tabitha from Natural Sciences. Published on Feb 27, 2018.

UoL Orchestra performs in the snow.   Every February, universities across the UK participate in ‘Raising and Giving’ (RAG) Week, and here at Leicester we’ve been giving it all we’ve got. This year it also coincides with ‘Wellbeing Week’, making the campus a pretty positive place to be.   Despite not being very musical myself […]

Till We Meet Again.

By Osarenkhoe from Natural Sciences. Published on Aug 30, 2016.

It has been great blogging for you guys over these past couple months but I am afraid this will be my last blog post. Now that I have graduated it is time for me to pass the baton to the next Natural Science blogger, to whom I wish the best of luck (I’m sure they’ll […]

The Keys to Success on the Natural Science Course

By Osarenkhoe from Natural Sciences. Published on Aug 30, 2016.

Something that is always challenging for any new university student is adjusting to university level study. The Natural Science course in particular presents some unique challenges and this list has been made to help you overcome these challenges: Pre-reading: Pre-reading is the literature reading or research that should be completed before a session. Not all […]

Congratulations and Welcome to the Newcomers

By Osarenkhoe from Natural Sciences. Published on Aug 30, 2016.

With A-level results day not too long ago, thousands of students all across the UK will be preparing to go to university. Hopefully it was one of their choice but if not I hope they are able to find a happy alternative. To all those lucky enough to earn a spot on the Natural Science […]

Moving Out and Leaving Leicester

By Osarenkhoe from Natural Sciences. Published on Jul 31, 2016.

Cleaned my room, packed up and said my goodbyes to my university accommodation in Leicester. Leicester has been such a lovely town to live in for the past four years and there has been so many amazing memories and moments here. From the university finding a king in a car park to the Leicester City […]

Results Day, Adjustment and Clearing… it’s not as scary as you might think

By Osarenkhoe from Natural Sciences. Published on Jul 30, 2016.

Around this time four years ago I was in the same position as a lot of A-level students. Having just completed my exams I was enjoying my summer holiday with the ever-looming results day drawing nearer and nearer. I was anxious for the results to come out but also nervous of the outcome. However, there’s […]


By Osarenkhoe from Natural Sciences. Published on Jul 29, 2016.

Looks like this chapter of my life is officially closed. At this moment in time I’ve completed the Interdisciplinary/Natural Science course and graduated! (*pops open imaginary champagne bottle*) My graduation ceremony was on the 15th July 2016 and it was such a wonderful occasion; definitely a highlight of my life. Years of work and commitment […]

Coursework finished!

By Osarenkhoe from Natural Sciences. Published on Jun 30, 2016.

Attach the pdf*, click the “Send” button, check the “Sent box” to make sure it actually left your email and boom! It’s finally done**. I have completed the last of my coursework on the Natural Science course. I almost don’t believe it, I feel like come this September I’m gonna have to write another essay […]

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