The Leicester Experience

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The Leicester Experience

Here you can learn a little more about the activities of our students, including competitions and programming. Of course, there is far more to our degrees than illustrated here, but we hope to give you a flavour of some chosen highlights which you will experience at Leicester.



We sometimes hold a competition amongst our first year students. In previous years these were sponsored by O'Reilly or Bloomberg. Normally we ask our students to write a computer player for a game. Previous games included a "tetris-like" game, Five in a Row and Awale. We hold a tournament to establish the winner. For example, we asked our students to write a solution to the 5-in-a-row game. The game is played on a 19x19 board.

  • There is one player with white stones and one with black.
  • Each player places one of their stones on the board, alternating with the other player.
  • Stones can only be placed on empty squares.
  • Once a stone is placed it can never be moved or removed.
  • The aim is to place five stones of your own colour in a straight line, vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The first player who achieves this, wins.

Prizes may be offered for good solutions, and we hope that you will want to take up the challenges of our competitions if you choose to study with us. Employers are very keen indeed to employ graduates who have distinguished themselves. Winning a competition will add greatly to your CV when you leave us. However, even writing a very good solution, and being able to discuss this with your potential employers will increase your chances of securing a good job offer.


As well as prize competitions, to inspire and encourage our students we also offer academic prize awards during each year of study.

In addition to the prizes funded by the University, the British Computer Society funds an award for the most promising first year student, and different companies support prizes for the best overall graduate, the best second year project team, and the best final year project. A list of recent prize winners can be found here.

The Latest Technology

Throughout the degree our students meet with state-of-the-art technology, both hardware and software.

Regarding software, as part of a second year module on Multimedia we teach Scalar Vector Graphics (SVG). SVG became recently a world wide web standard; you can see a simple example below. In order to view the following example, you might need to install an SVG plug-in for your browser. We would recommend the Adobe SVGviewer plug-in.

View the SVG example. You should see an animation which consists of the formation of an image of the flag of Australian from various two-dimensional components.

Examples of Projects

Here is a list of titles for the substantial final year projects from a previous year. This gives an indication of the considerable increase in the scope of what our students can understand and achieve over their time here at Leicester:

  • Final Year Projects provides a list of third year project titles, together with descriptions of the work involved in each project. A project occupies a third of your entire year's work, and is an important but exciting and challenging part of your degree.


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