Programmes in Computer Science and Software Engineering

Our degree programmes have been revised for 2018 entry. Follow the links below to the course pages for our new programmes to learn more!

Our Degrees

The BSc Computing and BSc Computing with Management courses, which we have offered in the past, are no longer available from 2018 entry onward. The successor of the BSc Computing is the substantially revised and updated BSc Software Engineering, and the BSc Computing with Management is now available as the combination of a Major in Computer Science and a Minor in Management Studies. You may also be able to combine a Major in Computer Science with compatible Minors in other subject areas.

BSc Computer Science

In studying the core modules you will learn how to understand, and solve, complex computing problems, beginning from customer requirements followed by the design, specification, programming and testing of a computer solution. Along the way you will cover networks, hardware, web technologies, information systems and many other state of the art topics. There is an early emphasis on scientific and mathematical foundations, and on computing theory. This degree has additional modules on logic and scientific problem solving, the theory of computation, and functional programming.

This course can be taken with a year Abroad or in Industry, as well as a four year MComp course.

MComp Computer Science

This degree will further raise your expertise and understanding through an additional year of masters level modules, to a point where you could start a career at a more senior level, or embark upon a research degree.

This course can be taken with a year Abroad or in Industry. (You cannot apply for these variants on UCAS, but you can change to one of these course variants once you have started your course.)

Major in Computer Science (BSc)

This degree will equip you with a solid foundation in programming, software engineering, databases and web applications while also providing you with the foundations of your Minor subject. If you combine the Major in Computer Science with a Minor in Management Studies, you will develop a good understanding of businesses, management techniques, and organizations while still including many of the core modules from the Computer Science and Software Engineering degrees.

BSc Software Engineering

This degree covers the methods and techniques through which software can be developed following rigorous engineering practices, meeting required levels of quality. You will learn how to plan and manage architectures for large-scale development projects, while adopting an academic and rigorous approach that covers all the important theory, practice and technology which will support you throughout your career. This degree has additional modules on business and financial computing, software technology in large organisations, and technology management.

This course can be taken with a year Abroad or in Industry.

International Foundation Year

By successfully completing this Foundation Year, International students can proceed directly to one of our degrees.

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