Proceedings of the Second European Young Researchers Workshop on Service-Oriented Computing Queries

CS-07-002 Stephen Gorton, Monika Solanki & Stephan Reiff-Marganiec.

Full papers:
  1. Quality Estimation for Streamed of VoIP Services (pg1)
  2. A Novel Approach to Web Services Discovery (pg7)
  3. Verification of WS-CDL choreographies (pg13)
  4. Advanced Language Constructs for Developing Intra-organizational (pg19)
  5. Service Referrals in BPEL-based CHoreographies (pg25)
  6. Modelling Compensation with Timed Process Algebra (pg31)
  7. Service and Protection Level Agreements for Business Processes (pg38)
  8. A Model for exploring the Service-oriented Software Engineering (SOSE) challenges (pg44)
  9. Methodology for a Precise Development Pricess of Service Oriented Applications (pg50)
  10. Policy-Driven Services Selection (pg56)
  11. Courses Generation as a Web-Service for E-Learning Systems (pg63)
  12. Automated Web Service Composition in Practice: from Composition Requirements Specification to Process Run (pg69)
  13. A Survey of Service Oriented Development Methodologies(pg75)
  14. Verifying Business Process Compatibility (pg81)
  15. A modified Logic Scoring Preference method for dynamic web service (pg87)
  16. Modelling and Analysing an Identify Federation Protocol: Federated Network Providers Scenario (pg93)
  1. Aspect Oriented Web Service Composation and Choreography Analysis (pg103)
  2. WS-Engineer: Tool Support for Engineering Web Service Compositions and Choreography (pg106)
  3. Reengeering Systems for Multi Channel Access - Systematic (pg108)
  4. Using Enhanced Causal Paths based on Passive Tracing in Determining a Web Service Topology (pg110)
  5. Typed Abstractions for Client-Service Interactions in OSGi (pg113)
  6. A Mapping BPEL4WS Processes into CSP (pg115)
  7. Inference Security Threats in Service-Based Systems (117)

Available as: Adobe™ PDF (.pdf)

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