• 2003/01
    Michelle Vail.
    Error Estimates for Spaces Arising from Approximation by Translates of a Basic Function(PhD Thesis)
  • 2003/02
    Paola Frediani and Frank Neumann.
    Etale Homotopy Types of Moduli Stacks of Algebraic Curves with Symmetries
  • 2003/03
    John Hunton and Mikhail Shchukin.
    The $K$-theory of $C^*$-algebras with finite dimensional irreducible representations
  • 2003/04
    Frank Neumann and Ulrich Stuhler.
    Moduli Stacks of Vector Bundles and Frobenius Morphisms
  • 2003/05
    Phillipe Caldero and Robert Marsh.
    A multiplicative property of quantum flag minors II
  • 2003/06
    Jeremy Levesley.
    Perturbed kernel approximation on homogeneous manifolds
  • 2003/07
    Volodymyr Mazorchuk and Catharina Stroppel.
    Translation and shuffling of projectively presentable modules and a categorification of a parabolic Hecke module
  • 2003/08
    Teijo Arponen.
    2-Tensor invariants in numerical integration
  • 2003/10
    Claire Irving.
    Embeddings and Immersions of Real Projective Spaces
  • 2003/12
    R. J. Marsh and K. Rietsch.
    Parametrizations of flag varieties.
  • 2003/13
    Steffen Koenig.
    Filtrations, Stratifications and Applications
  • 2003/14
    P. Houston, I. Perugia and D. Schotzau.
    Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Maxwell's Equations
  • 2003/15
    P. Houston, I. Perugia and D. Schotzau.
    Nonconforming Mixed Finite Element Approximations to Time-Harmonic Eddy Current Problems
  • 2003/16
    P. Houston, I. Perugia and D. Schotzau.
    Energy Norm A Posteriori Error Estimation for Mixed Discontinuous Galerkin Approximations of the Maxwell Operator
  • 2003/17
    P. Houston, I. Perugia and D. Schotzau.
    Mixed Discontinuous Galerkin Approximation of the Maxwell Operator: Non-stabilized Formulation
  • 2003/18
    P. Houston, D. Schotzau and T. P. Wihler.
    Energy Norm A Posteriori Error Estimation for Mixed Discontinuous Galerkin Approximations of the Stokes Problem
  • 2003/19
    J. Levesley.
    Where there's a Will there's a Way -- the Research of Will Light
  • 2003/20
    Gerhard Rosenberger, Martin Scheer and Richard M. Thomas.
    Finite generalized tetrahedron groups with a cubic relator
  • 2003/21
    Vincent Schmitt.
    Flatness, preorders and general metric spaces
  • 2003/22
    M. Felisatti.
    Multiplicative K-theory and K-theory of functors
  • 2003/23
    Steffen Koenig, Oleksandr Khomenko and Volodymyr Mazorchuk.
    Finitistic dimension and tilting modules for stratified algebras
  • 2003/24
    Rick Thomas.
    A course on permutation groups
  • 2003/26
    Karin Erdmann, Miles Holloway, Nicole Snashall, Oeyvind Solberg and Rachel Taillefer.
    Support Varieties for Selfinjective Algebras
  • 2003/27
    A. A. Baranov.
    Classification of direct limits of involution simple associative algebras
  • 2003/28
    Y.A. Bahturin, A.A. Baranov and A.E. Zalesskii.
    Simple Lie subalgebras of locally finite associative algebras
  • 2003/29
    A.A. Baranov and I.D. Suprunenko.
    Modular branching rules for 2-column diagram representations of general linear groups

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