• 2002/01
    D. Kuske and M. Lohrey.
    On the theory of one-step rewriting in trace monoids
  • 2002/02
    Duncan W. Parkes and Richard M. Thomas.
    Groups with context-free reduced word problem
  • 2002/03
    A. Henke and A. Regev.
    Weyl Modules for the Schur Algebra of the Alternating Group
  • 2002/04
    P. Houston, I. Perugia and D. Schotzau.
    hp-DGFEM for Maxwell's equations
  • 2002/05
    R. Hartmann and P. Houston.
    Goal-Oriented A Posteriori Error Estimation for Compressible Fluid Flows
  • 2002/06
    P. Houston, B. Senior and E. Suli.
    Sobolev Regularity Estimation for hp-Adaptive Finite Element Methods
  • 2002/07
    R. Hartmann and P. Houston.
    Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods for the Compressible Euler Equations.
  • 2002/08
    E. Suli and P. Houston.
    Adaptive Finite Element Approximation of Hyperbolic Problems.
  • 2002/09
    Yifeng Chen and Zhiming Liu.
    Unifying Temporal Logics
  • 2002/10
    A. Baranov.
    Finitary Lie algebras
  • 2002/11
    Irek Ulidowski and Shoji Yuen.
    Process Languages for Rooted Weak Preorders
  • 2002/12
    A. Henke and A. Regev.
    A-Codimensions and A-Cocharacters
  • 2002/13
    I. A. Stewart.
    The complexity of achievement and maintenance problems in agent-based systems
  • 2002/14
    Heinz Langer, Matthias Langer and Christiane Tretter.
    Variational principles for eigenvalues of block operator matrices
  • 2002/15
    Catharina Stroppel.
    Category O : Gradings and Translation Functors
  • 2002/16
    Rajeev Raman, Venkatesh Raman and S. Srinivasa Rao.
    Succinct Indexable Dictionaries with Applications to Encoding $k$-ary Trees, Prefix Sums and Multisets
  • 2002/17
    Jeremy Levesley.
    Multilevel Scattered Data Approximation by Adaptive Domain Decomposition
  • 2002/18
    Jeremy Levesley.
    Estimates of n-Widths of Sobolev's Classes on Compact Globally Symmetric Spaces of Rank 1
  • 2002/20
    Nobuko Yoshida.
    Type-Based Liveness Guarantee in the Presence of Nontermination and Nondeterminism
  • 2002/21
    Irek Ulidowski.
    Termination and confluence of term rewrite systems for GSOS process languages
  • 2002/22
    Jose Luis Vivas and Nobuko Yoshida.
    Dynamic Channel Screening in the Higher Order Pi-Calculus
  • 2002/23
    Matthias Langer and David Eschwe.
    Variational principles for eigenvalues of self-adjoint pencils of unbounded operators
  • 2002/24
    Zhiming Liu, Xiaoshan Li and Jifeng He.
    Using Transition Systems to Unify UML Requirement Models
  • 2002/25
    Torben Hagerup and Rajeev Raman.
    An Efficient Quasidictionary
  • 2002/26
    Danny Krizanc, Flaminia L. Luccio and Rajeev Raman.
    Compact Routing Schemes for Dynamic Ring Networks
  • 2002/27
    Paula Severi and Femke van Raamsdonk.
    Eliminating proofs from programs
  • 2002/28
    Paula Severi and Fer-Jan de Vries.
    An Extensional Bohm Model
  • 2002/29
    Paula Severi and Fer-Jan de Vries.
    A lambda calculus for D-infinity
  • 2002/30
    Irek Ulidowski.
    Priority rewrite systems for OSOS process languages
  • 2002/31
    Robert Marsh, Markus Reineke and Andrei Zelevinsky.
    Generalized associahedra via quiver representations
  • 2002/32
    Ralf Hartmann and Paul Houston.
    Goal-Oriented A Posteriori Error Estimation for Multiple Target Functionals
  • 2002/33
    Kathryn Harriman, Paul Houston, Bill Senior and Endre Suli.
    hp-Version Discontinuous Galerkin Methods with Interior Penalty for Partial Differential Equations with Nonnegative Characteristic Form
  • 2002/34
    A. K. Kushpel, J. Levesley and S. Tozoni.
    Estimates of $n$--Widths of Besov Classes on Two-Point Homogeneous Manifolds
  • 2002/35
    Rachel Taillefer.
    Injective Hopf bimodules, cohomologies of infinite dimensional Hopf algebras and graded-commutativity of the Yoneda product
  • 2002/36
    A. Henke and S. Doty.
    Decomposition of tensor products of modular irreducibles for SL_2
  • 2002/37
    Dietrich Kuske and Markus Lohrey.
    Decidable Theories of Graphs, Factorized Unfoldings and Cayley-graphs
  • 2002/38
    Manfred Droste and Dietrich Kuske.
    Skew and infinitary formal power series
  • 2002/39
    Dietrich Notbohm and Nitu Kitchloo.
    Quasi finite loop spaces are manifolds
  • 2002/40
    Dietrich Notbohm.
    2-compact groups of rank 2
  • 2002/41
    R. Marsh and M. Reineke.
    Canonical basis linearity regions arising from quiver representations
  • 2002/42
    Steve Lakin.
    Context-sensitive decision problems in groups (PhD thesis)
  • 2002/43
    Steffen Koenig, Katsunori Sanada and Nicole Snashall.
    On Hochschild Cohomology of Orders
  • 2002/44
    J. Levesley, C. Odell and D. L. Ragozin.
    Variational Interpolation on Homogeneous Manifolds: the Norming Set Approach
  • 2002/45
    Paul Houston, Ilaria Perugia and Dominik Schotzau.
    Mixed discontinuous Galerkin approximation of the Maxwell operator
  • 2002/46
    E.L.Green, Nicole Snashall and R.Taillefer.
    Drinfel'd Double of Taft Algebras
  • 2002/47
    A. Momigliano and S. J. Ambler.
    Multi-Level Meta-Reasoning with Higher-Order Abstract Syntax
  • 2002/48
    Nicole Snashall and Oeyvind Solberg.
    Support Varieties and Hochschild Cohomology Rings
  • 2002/49
    Jose Luiz Fiadeiro.
    Coordination Technologies for Just-In-Time Integration
  • 2002/50
    Antonia Lopes and Jose Luiz Fiadeiro.
    Superposition: Composition vs Refinement of Non-deterministic, Action-Based Systems
  • 2002/51
    Luis Filipe Andrade and Jose Luiz Fiadeiro.
    Service-Oriented Business and System Specification : Beyond Object-Orientation


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