• 1998/1
    Quasi-Interpolation on the 2-Sphere using Radial Polynomials
    A.K. Kushpel and J. Levesley
  • 1998/2
    Approximation theory for the hp-version finite element method and application to the non-linear Laplacian
    Mark Ainsworth and David Kay
  • 1998/3
    Program Equivalences for Linear Theories
    Roy L. Crole
  • 1998/4
    Hierarchies in Classes of Program Schemes
    A A Arratia-Quesada, Savita R Chauhan and Iain A Stewart
  • 1998/5
    Specification and Verification of Fault-tolerance, Timing and Scheduling
    Zhiming Liu and Mathai Joseph
  • 1998/6
    Towards a Completeness Result for Model Checking of Security Protocols
    Gavin Lowe
  • 1998/7
    Approximation in L2 Sobolev spaces on the 2-Sphere by Quasi-Interpolation.
    S.M. Gomes, A.K. Kushpel and J. Levesley
  • 1998/8
    Formal Languages and the Word Problem for Groups
    I.A. Stewart and R.M. Thomas
  • 1998/10
    Modelling FIX in Recursive Object Calculi
    R.L. Crole
  • 1998/11
    Loewy Series, V-Modules and Trace Ideals
    J. Watters
  • 1998/12
    Lectures on [Co]Induction and [Co]Algebras
    R.L. Crole
  • 1998/13
    Using program schemes to logically capture polynomial-time on certain classes of structures
    I. Stewart
  • 1998/14
    Projection Quasicrystals I: Toral Rotations.
    Alan Forrest, John Hunton and Johannes Kellendonk
  • 1998/15
    Dade's inductive conjecture for the Ree groups of type G2 in the defining characteristic
    Charles W Eaton
  • 1998/16
    Error estimates for Hermite Interpolation on Spheres
    Jeremy Levesley and Zuhua Luo
  • 1998/17
    Stability of Spherical Hermite Interpolation using Radial Basis Functions
    Jeremy Levesley and Zuhua Luo
  • 1998/18
    Encoding FIX in Object Calculi
    Roy L. Crole
  • 1998/19
    The Friedrichs Extension of Singular Differential Operators
    Marco Marletta and Anton Zettl
  • 1998/20
    Direct Forms for Seminorms Arising in the Theory of Interpolation by Translates of A Basis Function
    Jeremy Levesley and Will Light
  • 1998/21
    Guaranteed error bounds for eigenvalues of singular Sturm-Liouville problems
    B.M. Brown, D.K.R. McCormack and M. Marletta
  • 1998/22
    Mechanized Operational Semantics via (Co)Induction (Preliminary Report)
    Simon J. Ambler and Roy L. Crole

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