• 1996/1
    Approximation of Smooth Functions by sk-Splines
    A.K. Kushpel, J. Levesley and W. Light
  • 1996/2
    On Representing Finite Lattices as Intervals in Subgroup Lattices of Finite Groups
    R. Baddeley and A. Lucchini
  • 1996/3
    On Fixpoint Objects and Gluing Constructions
    R.L. Crole
  • 1996/4
    Verification of Fault-Tolerance and Real-Time
    Z. Liu
  • 1996/5
    Relating Operational and Denotational Semantics for Input/Output Effects
    R.L. Crole, A.D. Gordon
  • 1996/6
    Regular Subgraphs in Graphs and Rooted Graphs, and Definability in Monadic Second-order Logic
    I.A. Stewart
  • 1996/7
    Higher vn Torsion in Lie Groups
    J. Hunton, M. Mimura, T. Nishimoto and B. Schuster
  • 1996/8
    Presentations for Subsemigroups - Applications to Ideals of Semigroups
    C.M. Campbell, E.F. Robertson, N. Ruskuc, R.M. Thomas.
  • 1996/9
    On embedding cycles in k-ary n-cubes
    Y.A. Ashir, I.A. Stewart
  • 1996/10
    Logics with zero-one laws that are not fragments of bounded-variable infinitary logic
    I.A. Stewart
  • 1996/11
    Optimal Approximation of Sets of Smooth Functions on Sd
    Alexander Kushpel
  • 1996/12
    Modified Quasi-Interpolation on the Square using Thin-Plate Splines: Part II
    Jeremy Levesley
  • 1996/13
    On classifying all full factorisations and multiple-factorisations of the finite almost simple groups
    R. Baddeley, C.E. Praeger
  • 1996/14
    On primitive overgroups of quasiprimitive permutation groups
    R. Baddeley, C.E. Praeger
  • 1996/15
    Preconditions for the Adaptive h-p Version Finite Element Method
    Ainsworth B. Senior D. Andrews
  • 1996/16
    On Fixpoint Objects for Commutative Faithful Monads
    R.L. Crole
  • 1996/17
    How Linear is Howe?
    R.L. Crole
  • 1996/18
    On the power of built-in relations in certain classes of program schemes
    S.R. Chauhan, I.A. Stewart
  • 1996/19
    A Comparison on the Commutative Products of the Distributions and Semigroups
    A. Kilicman, B. Fisher
  • 1996/20
    The density of translates of zonal kernels on compact homogeneous spaces
    L. Ragozin, J. Levesley
  • 1996/21
    Variational Theory for Interpolation on Spheres
    Levesley, W A Light, D Rogozin, X. Sun
  • 1996/22
    A Note on the Commutative Neutrix Product of Distributions and -functions
    Adem Kilicman
  • 1996/23
    A Posteriori Error Estimation for Fully Discrete Hierarchic Models of Elliptic Boundary Value Problems on Thin Domains
    Mark Ainsworth
  • 1996/24
    On Hochschild Cohomology of Preprojective Algebras, I
    Karin Erdmann, Nicole Snashall
  • 1996/25
    On Hochschild Cohomology of Preprojective Algebras, II
    Karin Erdmann, Nicole Snashall
  • 1996/26
    Positive Versions of Polynomial Time
    C. Lautemann, T. Schwentick, I.A. Stewart
  • 1996/27
    Approximation of Smooth Functions by sk-splines
    A K Kushpel, J Levesley, W A Light
  • 1996/28
    Communication algorithms in $k$-ary $n$-cube interconnection networks
    Y.A. Ashir, I.A. Stewart
  • 1996/29
    An Adaptive Refinement Strategy of hp-finite Elemens Computations
    M Ainsworth, B Senior
  • 1996/30
    Fault-tolerant embeddings of Hamiltonian circuits in $k$-ary $n$-cubes
    Y.A. Ashir, I.A. Stewart
  • 1996/31
    Sk-Spline Interpolation on the Torus using Number Theoretic Knots
    S M Gomes, A K Kushpel, J Levesley, D L Ragozin
  • 1996/32
    Spaces of Distributions and Interpolation by Translates of a Basis Function
    W A Light, H S J Wayne
  • 1996/33
    A Hierarchy of Authentication Specifications
    G Lowe
  • 1996/34
    Using CSP to Detect Errors in the TMN Protocol
    G Lowe, B Roscoe
  • 1996/35
    Interpolation by Translates of a Basis Function
    Will Light
  • 1996/36
    On the norm of the Fourier projection in weighted Lp spaces
    J Levesley, A K Kushpel
  • 1996/37
    Generalized Hex and logical characterizations of polynomial space.
    A A Arratia-Quesada, I A Stewart
  • 1996/38
    Formalizing Real-Time Scheduling as Program Refinement
    Z Liu, M Joseph
  • 1996/39
    Coalgebraic Algebra
    J Hunton, P Turner

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