• 1995/1
    Generalised sk-Spline Interpolation on Compact Abelian Groups
    J. Levesley and A.K. Kushpel
  • 1995/2
    Fast Evaluation of Polyharmonic Splines in 2 Dimensions
    R.K. Beatson and W. Light
  • 1995/3
    On Semigroups Defined by Coxeter Type Presentations
    C.M. Campbell, E.F. Robertson, N. Ruskuc and R.M. Thomas
  • 1995/4
    The Influence and Selection of Subspaces for A Posteriori Error Estimators
    M. Ainsworth
  • 1995/5
    On Subsemigroups of Finitely Presented Semigroups
    C.M. Campbell, E.F. Robertson, N. Ruskuc and R.M. Thomas
  • 1995/6
    Interpolation on Compact Abelian Groups using Generalised sk-Splines
    J. Levesley and A.K. Kushpel
  • 1995/7
    Convolution Operators for Radial Basis Approximation
    J. Levesley, Y. Xu, W. Light and W. Cheney
  • 1995/8
    Richardson Extrapolation and the Solution of Fourth Order Sturm-Liouville Problems by Approximation of the Coefficients
    L. Greenberg and M. Marletta
  • 1995/9
    Modified Quasi-Interpolation on the Square using Thin-Plate Splines: Part I
    J. Levesley
  • 1995/10
    A Brief Glance at the Research of Ward Cheney
    W. Light
  • 1995/11
    Product of Distributions and Neutrices
    A. Kilicman
  • 1995/12
    The Approximation Theory for the P-Version Finite Element Method and Application to Non-Linear Elliptic PDEs
    M. Ainsworth and D. Kay
  • 1995/13
    On the Semigroups of Contractive Substitution Operators
    A. Kilicman
  • 1995/14
    A Posteriori Error Estimation in Finite Element Analysis
    M. Ainsworth and J.T. Oden
  • 1995/15
    A Class of Inefficient Groups with Symmetric Presentation
    E.F. Robertson, R.M. Thomas, and C.I. Wotherspoon
  • 1995/16
    Triangle Groups and their Generalisations
    J. Howie, V. Metaftsis and R.M. Thomas
  • 1995/17
    A Comparison on the Commutative Neutrix Convolution of Distributions and the Exchange Formula
    A. Kilicman
  • 1995/18
    Variational Methods for Interpolation, Particularly by Radial Basis Functions
    W. Light
  • 1995/19
    On the Asymptotically Optimal Rate of Approximation of Multiplier Operators from
    Lp into Lq
    A.K. Kushpel, J. Levesley and K. Wilderotter
  • 1995/20
    On the Integrability of Radial Basis Functions
    J. Levesley and Z. Luo
  • 1995/21
    Certain One-Relator Products of Semigroups
    C.M. Campbell, E.F. Robertson, N. Ruskuc, R.M. Thomas and Y. Unlu
  • 1995/22
    Generalizations of Commutative Neutrix Convolution Products of Functions
    A. Kilicman
  • 1995/23
    The Cohomology and K-Theory of Commuting Homeomorphisms of the Cantor Set
    A. Forrest and J. Hunton
  • 1995/24
    Semi-Discrete Galerkin Approximation of the Single Layer Equation by General Splines
    M. Ainsworth, R. Grigorieff and I.D. Sloan
  • 1995/25
    The Complex Oriented Cohomology of Extended Powers
    J.R. Hunton
  • 1995/26
    Post Processing with Computable Error Bounds for Finite Element Approximation of a Non-Linear Heat Conduction Problem
    M. Ainsworth
  • 1995/27
    On Subsemigroups and Ideals in Free Products of Semigroups
    C.M. Campbell, E.F. Robertson, N. Ruskuc and R.M. Thomas

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