Why study for a Masters at Leicester

We offer a rich portfolio of advanced courses and a flexible degree structure that will allow you to choose a programme of studies that matches an area in which you want to specialise, a profile suitable for the career that you wish to pursue, or simply your curiosity and interests. Our courses allow you to develop into a highly skilled professional, well versed in advanced methods and tools.

MSc student Kripa talks about his internship

Specialist Programmes in Software Engineering

We offer three profiles that will equip you for some of the high-profile careers in the IT sector. These are:

Advanced Area-Thematic Programmes

We offer profiles in four different areas that are key for many sectors of the economy:

Your own profile

We offer a programme in MSc in Advanced Computer Science through which you can supplement your education in a specific set of advanced topics and cutting-edge technologies of your choice, be it because you need them for your professional life, or to pursue your studies further to a PhD on a specific theme.

MSc student Lakshmi talks about studying at Leicester

MSc Programmes with Industry

In order to further increase your employability and international experience we are now offering a two-year “with-industry” variant of all our Masters courses.

Important information

  • All programmes share the same structure and regulations, only Software Engineering for Financial Services is slightly different.
  • Admissions are in September and January.
  • Transfers between programmes are possible up to two weeks after registration, and at any time if you wish to transfer to Advanced Computer Science.

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