Uraz Cengiz Turker (Lecturer)

Uraz Cengiz Turker received a BA, MSc and PhD in Computer Science and Engineering (Sabanci University, Turkey). He then conducted a post-doctoral research in Brunel University of London. Dr. Turker joined The University of Leicester in 2020.

Research: Professor Turker’s research largely concerns model based testing. The importance of this  research is that it allows the development of automated techniques (and tools) that generate efficient, systematic test suites quickly on the basis of formal models that encapsulates the behaviour of the underlying software. Progress in this area can help industry to produce reliable, high quality software. Prof. Turker has recently become interested in the testing of self-learning systems, with a particular focus on autonomous systems.

Prof. Turker is P.I. of project entitled "Enhancing Digital Twin (DT) technology using Self Learning Autonomous Systems (SLASs)".

Prof. Turker is a CO-I in the Verifiability node granted by UKRI/EPSRC under Autonomous Trustworthy Systems node.

Prof. Turker is the Team leader for the new DriverLeics team. Please have a look at the founding team.

Masters, PhD, and Post-doctoral research: I will supervise intereseted students in testing focusing on test generation from self-learning autonomous systems. Please send me an electronic mail to u.c.turker@<removethisfirst>leicester.ac.uk for details.

Selected Publications:

Full list of published publications can be reached through DBLP.

Note: Until the beginning of 2020, Hardy-Littlewood rule was applied for the ordering of the authors (i.e., authors are listed in alphabetical order).

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