Current Research and PhD Students

Current Research

I am currently interested in the following main research directions:

Requirements Engineering for complex (adaptive and sustainable) systems

This strand of my research is concerned with development of responsive requirements level models for systems that undergo frequent change or are constantly evolving.

Modelling (software supported) sustainability

This work focuses on engineering requirements of software that fosters sustainability its situated environment. I am concerned with firstly understanding the implications of “sustainability” requirements, then looking at ways of integrating these implications within requirements engineering methodologies, techniques, and processes, as well as fostering sustainable behaviour in users of this software.

Human behaviour modelling and modification for sustainability

Since it is the everyday behaviour of people and societies that fuels the overuse of natural resources and environmental degradation, it is only natural to look at humans and their behaviour modification for reversal of these trends. Here I am interested in using a whole host of techniques (e.g., ethnographic observations, action research, participatory design, etc.) and technologies (e.g., pervasive computing, sensor networks, cloud computing, etc.) to collect data and build models explaining current human practices and develop solutions that would facilitate more sustainable alternatives to these practices.

Current PhD Students:

1. Hannah Brooking, working on the topic of "Engineering Systems Requirements for Locally Sustainable Communities". Hannah is funded via College of Science and Engineering PhD Studentship Scheme and is co-supervised by Dr. M. Phillips (department of Geography).

2. Maryam Al Hinai, working on the topic of "Quantification of Social Sustainability in Software"

3. Mahwish Kundi, working on "Assessing Quality of Use Cases"

4. Tahani Alsaedi, working on "Software Architectures for Social Sustainability"

5. Jordan Murkin, working on "Energy-Based Services Provision to Households"

6. Ben Secretan, working on  "Engineering Systems' Sustainability through Self/Community Regulation"


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