• Analysis of Software Supported Sustainability: Practices and Opportunities at the University of Leicester (Oct 2012 - March 2013). I was the PI on this project, funded via the Leicester graduate internship programme. Project aimed to undertake a review of the sustainability-related practices at the university and identify opportunities where software can be developed to improve sustainability.
  • Feasibility Analysis of Supplying All Services Through One Utility Product (2011-2013). I was a CoI on this project. My interest is in envisioning future (sustainable) ICT infrastructure to replace the current infrastructure by year 2111 and starting up a community of researchers that will keep the work going post-project funding.
  • Informing Energy Choices Using Ubiquitous Sensing (2010-2013). EPSRC grant on Transforming Energy Demand Through Digital Innovation programme. I collaborated with the team of this project (having previously contributed to the proposal preparation and worked on it for a few months). My interest here was in user behaviour monitoring and influence through digital technologies.
  • Assessing the Viability of Integrating Energy from Waste Technologies into the UK Grid (2011). Lancaster University, Energy Lancaster Centre funded competitive small grant looking at small scale energy-from-waste system. I was a researcher-Co-Investigator on this grant.
  • DiVA: Dynamic Variability in complex, Adaptive Systems (2008-2011). I was a researcher-Co-Investigator at this EC-funded project, working on modelling the requirements using software product lines and aspects.
  • Integration of AORE tools: EA-Miner, MRAT and their back-end WMATRIX (2007). I was the PI of this AOSD-Europe Network of Excellence funded grant, working on integration of early aspect identification tools with a natural language processor as a backend.
I also worked as a researcher on the following projects:

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