Guidelines for Case Study

Case Study

Here this is the template for case study.

Submitted stories are expected to be in the spirit of the following example:

 “When I was working in company X, I recruited participants by asking people at lunch to try my prototype, but when I moved to company Y, I had to recruit people from outside the company as a budget was available for this purpose....”

Participants narrate their case studies in 4-6 pages (SIGCHI format). To facilitate the process of storytelling and cases to be described in highest possible detail, participants will also be offered the option to submit audio files of 15-20 minutes (e.g. recorded with smartphone), which will be transcribed prior to the workshop.

It is expected that a subset of the items listed below will be used in a contributor’s story. The contributor will specify [Others], if appropriate. Items serve as signposts, guiding storytelling as well as analysis.

A. Method-Resources (examples)*
  1. Participant recruitment
  2. Task selection
  3. Reporting format
  4. Problem identification
  5. Problem classification
  6. Analysis
  7. Heuristics
  8. Thinking aloud protocols


B. Contextual Factors (examples)*

1. Business goal

2. Design purpose

3. Development context

4. Team skills

5. Corporate culture/values


*Source: adapted from [16]


Position Paper

This is the SIGCHI template.

 For Position Paper, the 'traditional' format for a research paper is applicable.

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