Effie Lai-Chong Law is Reader at the Department of Computer Science of University of Leicester (UK) and visiting Senior Researcher of ETH Zürich (Switzerland). Her research focuses are usability and user experience methodologies and their applications in different contexts such as education, health and games. Effie has chaired two HCI projects: COST294-MAUSE and IC0904-TwinTide.

 EbbaEbba Thora Hvannberg: is a Professor in Computer Science at the University of Iceland. Her research areas include HCI and software engineering. She has wide experience in HCI in different contexts, e.g. advanced multimedia services to residential users, technology enhanced learning, air traffic control, multi-modal interfaces for blind students, and crisis management. She has organized several conferences and workshops.


ArnoldArnold P.O.S. Vermeeren is an Assistant Professor at TU Delft, Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) in the Netherlands. He holds a Ph.D. on methodological issues of usability testing. He has been involved in various projects on usability and user experience. In the project TwinTide, Arnold co-ordinates a working group on defining a theoretical framework for transfer of design and evaluation methods across sector boundaries.


GilbertGilbert Cockton is Professor of Design Theory at Northumbria University, UK. He is scientific co-ordinator for the project TwinTide on transfer of design methods across economic sectors. With over 3 decades of research and practitioner experience, over 200 publications and over 200 invited presentations in over 20 countries, his research focuses on how deep structures in design commit to specific forms of design work and provide bases for adaptation and innovation of re-usable resources and approaches, particularly with a worth-focus.


TimoTimo Jokela is an independent UX consultant, a part-time visiting researcher at Aalto University and adjunct professor at universities of Helsinki and Oulu. He holds a PhD in Information Processing Science. Timo was earlier a usability pioneer at Nokia. He has worked with and developed approaches for a wide spectrum of UX issues. He has published 100+ articles on usability/ UX, and is a member of ISO working groups on usability standards.

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