Effie Lai-Chong Law - B. Soc. Sc. (HKU), M. Soc. Sc. (HKU), Dr. phil. in Psychology (LMU, Germany)


Dr Effie Law 2

Professor in Human-Computer Interaction

F1 Informatics Building
Department of Informatics
University of Leicester,
University Road,
LE1 7RH.

T: +44 (0) 116 252 5341
E: lcl9 at dot le dot ac dot uk

MSc in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

An introductory video on our MSc in HTI programme:  http://tinyurl.com/ULeic-MSc-HTI

Research Interests

  • Human-computer interaction (HCI): usability, user experience (UX)
  • Technology-enhanced learning (TEL): Game-based learning, Computer-supported Collaborative Work
  • Conversational Agents/Chatbots Design and Research
  • Affective Computing; Automatic Multisensory Emotion Recognition
  • Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality
  • Human-AI Interaction; Human-in-the-Loop for Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (TAS)


Here is a link to my publications in Google Scholar

Recent highlight:

Virpi Roto, Jung-Joo Lee, Effie Lai-Chong Law, and John Zimmerman. 2021. The Overlaps and Boundaries Between Service Design and User Experience Design. In Designing Interactive Systems Conference 2021 (DIS '21). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 1915–1926. DOI:https://doi.org/10.1145/3461778.3462058  (BEST PAPER AWARD!)

Articles in print:

Law, E.L-C., & Heintz, M. (in print). Augmented Reality Applications for K-12 Education: A Systematic Review from the Usability and User Experience Perspective. International Journal of Child-Computer Interaction (IJCCI).

Bruun, A., Law, E. L. C., Nielsen, T. D., & Heintz, M. (in print). Do You Feel the Same? On the Robustness of Cued-Recall Debriefing for User Experience Evaluation. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI).

Edited books:

Følstad, A., Araujo, T., Papadopoulos, S., Law, E.L.-C., Luger, E., Goodwin, M., Brandtzaeg, P.B.


Effie Law, Ebba Hvannberg & Gilbert Cockton (Eds.) (2007) Maturing Usability: Quality in Software, Interaction and Value, Springer UK.

Maturing Usability

Here is a link to IDEAS.

Running Projects

  • ARETE (Augmented Reality Interactive Educational Systems), H2020, 2019-2023 (42 months)
  • Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Verifiability Node (TAS), UKRI, 2020 - 2024 (42 months)
  • P-STEP, European Space Agency/UKSA/NHS, 2021-2023 (24 months)

Past Research Projects

    • PROLEARN (2004-2007), European Commission 6th Framework Programme NoE (ETH Zürich, 417K EUR ~ 310K GBP; Total grant: 6 million Euro)
    • COST294-MAUSE (2005-2009), European Commission ESF COST Action (ETH Zürich, varying yearly grant, on average: 90K per year)
    • I4Camp (2005-2008), European Commission 6th Framework Programme STREP (University of Leicester, 382K Euro ~ 260K GBP; Total grant: 2.6 million Euro)
    • EFFUSE (2005-2009). National project on HCI in Medicine (in collaboration with Svetlena Taneva), funded by Schweizer Staat Sekretariat für Bildung and Forschung (Swiss State Secretary for Education and Research) (Total grant: 220K CHF ~ 96K GBP)
    • MerLab (2008-2009). Lenonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme (University of Leicester, ~29K Euro; Total grant 193K Euro).
    • 80Days (2008-2010). European Commission 7th Framework Programme STREP (University of Leicester, ~350K Euro; Total grant: 3.3 million Euro)
    • iCOPER (2008-2011). eContentplus, European Commission 7th Framework Programme (University of Leicester)
    • ROLE (2009-2013). European Commission 7th Framework Programme Collaborative Project (University of Leicester, ~497K Euro; Total grant: 6.6 million Euro)
    • SELPRAF (October 2011- September 2013). Lenonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme (University of Leicester, ~34K Euro; Total grant ~ 250K Euro)
    • COST IC0904-TwinTide (Nov 2009 - Nov 2013) Towards the Trans-sectorial Integration of IT Design and Evaluation (Total grant ~ 500K Euro)
    • Representing Re-Formation (October 2010 - September 2013). AHRC (with History of Art, Space Research Centre, School of Museum Studies).
    • Go-Lab (November 2012 - October 2016), EU FP7

PhD Supervision

  • Dursun Akaslan: Development and validation of E-Learning Model for Electrical Engineering, completed in 2014
  • Abdullah A. M. Al Sokkar: Design and evaluation of multimodal user experience interfaces for e-commerce websites, completed in 2014
  • Stephanie Heintz: Digital educational games for learning programming. Completed in 2015
  • Kornchulee Khanana: Digital educational games on nutrition for young children. Completed in 2015
  • Mathias Heintz: Distributed participatory design methodologies and tools. Completed in 2017
  • Samaneh Soleimani: Emotive and affective e-commerce websites. Completed in 2018
  • Dinna Mohd Nizam: Digital educational games for pre-school children: Completed in 2019
  • Pamela Andrade: Design and Evaluation of Gamified Questionnaire-based Online Educational Applications for Secondary School Students. Completed in 2021
  • Pornpon Thamrongrat: The Effectiveness of Augmented Reality with Gamification in Learning 3D Geometry. Completed in 2021
  • Baraa Alabdulwahab: Applying Natural User Interface in Education. To be completed in 2022
  • Azhan Pg Hj Ahmad: Role-Playing Serious Game”: Design Method And Authoring Tool.  To be completed in 2023

Reviewer for Conferences and Journals

  • Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI)
  • HCI Conference (British CS HCI Group)
  • NordiCHI
  • IFIP TC13 International Conference on Human Computer Interaction (INTERACT)
  • International Journal of Human Computer Interaction (IJHCI)
  • International Journal of Human Computer Studies (IJHCS)
  • Interacting with Computers (IwC)

Scientific Coordination Work

  • Associate Chair of CHI (Conference on Human Factors for Computing Systems): 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Short paper chair of British CS HCI Group: 2014
  • Short paper chair of NordiCHI 2010
  • Co-chair of International Workshop on User Interfaces Quality Models, 12-13 September 2005, Rome, Italy (in conjunction with INTERACT 2005)
  • Co-chair of International Workshop on "User Experiences - Towards a Unified View" in conjunction with NordiCHI 2006, 14th October 2006, Oslo, Norway.
  • Co-chair of International Workshop on "Report, Review and Refine Usability Evaluation Methods (R3-UEM)", 5th March 2007, Athens, Greece.
  • Co-chair of International Workshop on "Towards a UX Manifesto" in conjunction with HCI 2007, 3rd September 2007, University of Lancaster, UK
  • Co-chair of International Workshop on "Downstream Utility: The Good, the Bad and Utterly Useless Usability Evaluation Feedback", 6th November 2007, Toulouse, France
  • Co-chair of Student Volunteers Committee of IFIP TC13 International Conference on Human Computer Interaction (INTERACT 2007)
  • Co-chair of Special Interest Groups (SIG) Committee of Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2008)

Other Scientific Contributions/Events

  • Associate Chair of Conference for Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI)
  • Invited talk in SIGCHI Finland, 18th October 2011, Helsinki, Finland
  • Invited keynote for the Third International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX 2011) Good User Experience: Yes! But what is it?, 7th September 2011, Mechelen, Belgium.
  • Invited keynote for ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS) 2011, The Measurability and Predictability of User Experience, 13th June 2011, Pisa, Italy.
  • Invited keynote for XX International Conference on Computer-Human Interaction (AIPO Interaccion) 2019, San Sebastian, Spain, 28th June 2019.
  • Editorial Board Member of Interacting with Computers, Oxford University Press  (since March 2011)
  • Associate Editor for International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (Elsevier( (IJHCS) since 2011
  • Associate Editor for Quality and User Experience (Springer) since 2017

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