Staff list

Add 0116 252 before the extension number (or just 0116 if the number has 7 digits) to telephone from outside of the University.

Academic and Research Staff

Yehia Moustafa Abd Alrahman Research Associate G1 - 3904 yaa10 at
Pamela Andrade Sevillano* Graduate Teaching Assistant G3 - 5243 pyas2 at
Bello Shehu Bello* Graduate Teaching Assistant bsb14 at
Artur Boronat Lecturer 2025 aboronat at
George Cabral Research Associate G3 - 5243 ggc2 at
Claudia Cauli* Graduate Teaching Assistant G3 - 5243 cc488 at
Richard Craggs Lecturer 3440 rc340 at
Roy Crole Senior Lecturer 3404 r.crole at
Rayna Dimitrova Lecturer 3907 rd307 at
Nebrase Elmrabit Research Associate nebrase.elmrabit at
Thomas Erlebach Professor 3411 t.erlebach at
Fola-Dami Eyitemi* Graduate Teaching Assistant fdje2 at
Stanley P Y Fung Lecturer 3807 pyfung at
Maciej Gazda Research Associate G3 - 5243 mg410 at
Richard Grant Principal Computer Officer 3914 r.grant at
Annegret Hagenberg Honorary Visiting Fellow ah413 at
Reiko Heckel Professor & Head of Dept
3406 reiko at
Matthias Heintz Research Associate 3907 mmh21 at
Michael Hoffmann Lecturer 3895 mh55 at
Jin Hong Visiting Researcher G16 - 5331 jh731 at
Yi Hong Research Associate 2280 yh37 at
Andrew Hugill Professor 2656 ah619 at
Abdulhakeem Ibrahim* Graduate Teaching Assistant G3 - 5243 ai146 at
Mirzhan Irkegulov* Graduate Teaching Assistant mi134 at
Achim Jung Honorary Professor a.jung at
Genovefa Kefalidou Lecturer 3410 gk169 at
Taimoor Khan Associate Tutor mtk8 at
Georgios Koutsoukos Honorary Visiting Fellow
Rafael Ktistakis* Graduate Teaching Assistant G1 - 3904 crk15 at
Lai-Chong (Effie) Law Professor 5341 elaw at
Gilbert Laycock Principal Computer Officer 3902 g.laycock at
Claudio Mezzina Marie Curie Fellow 3905 cam78 at
Mohammad Mousavi Professor 223 1294 mm789 at
Karim Mualla Teaching Fellow 373 6428 kjm49 at
Giuseppe Perelli Research Associate G1 - 3904 gp222 at
Nir Piterman Reader
3813 nir.piterman at
Rajeev Raman Professor 3894 r.raman at
Stephan Reiff-Marganiec Senior Lecturer 2603 srm13 at
Tom Ridge Senior Lecturer 1304 tr61 at
Jan Oliver Ringert Lecturer 3862 jor4 at
José Miguel Rojas Lecturer 3828 j.rojas at
Paula Severi
Honorary Lecturer 5331 ps396 at
Jakob Spooner* Graduate Teaching Assistant jts21 at
Emmanuel Tadjouddine Teaching Fellow 223 1368 emt12 at
Rick Thomas Emeritus Professor
rmt at
Emma Tonkin Associate Tutor elt16 at
Emilio Tuosto Senior Lecturer 5392 et52 at
Irek Ulidowski Senior Lecturer 3801 i.ulidowski at
Nervo Xavier Verdezoto
Lecturer 2593 nervo.verdezoto at
Fer-Jan de Vries Lecturer 3903 fdv1 at
Shuihua Wang Visiting Researcher G3 - 5243 shw20 at
Yi Xiao* Graduate Teaching Assistant yx104 at
Hongji Yang Professor 7353 hy124 at
Nicole Yap Associate Tutor ny50 at
Xiang Yu* Graduate Teaching Assistant xy144 at
Reza Zare Lecturer 3391 mrz3 at
Hao Zeng* Graduate Teaching Assistant hz110 at
Yudong Zhang Professor 3885 yz461 at
Zhenhua Zhang Visiting Researcher zz172 at
Huiyu Zhou Reader / Associate Professor 5295 hz143 at

* Staff member is also a research student.

Research Students

Laith Ali Abdulsahib Rajeev Raman G3 - 5243 laa20 at
Efeoghene Agadagba Nervo Verdezoto ea287 at
Baraa Alabdulwahab Lai-Chong (Effie) Law ba184 at
Maryam Al Hinai Ruzanna Chitchyan G3 - 5243 masah1 at
Abdullah Alqahtani Reiko Heckel aqa2 at
Bbadraddin Alturki Stephan Reiff-Marganiec baba1 at
Yasemin Asan Rajeev Raman G1 - 3904 ya63 at
Samuel Balco Alexander Kurz G3 - 5243 sb782 at
Long Chen Huiyu Zhou lc408 at
Yihao Chen Eugene Zhang yc306 at
Lijia (Roin) Deng Eugene Zhang ld232 at
Honghui Du Leandro Minku hd148 at
Basil Eljuse Neil Walkinshaw be38 at
Maryam Ghaffari Saadat Reiko Heckel G3 - 5243 mgs17 at
Andrea Giugliano Tom Ridge G3 - 5243 ag400 at
James Hoey Irek Ulidowski
jbh11 at
Anastasia Ioannou Nir Piterman G1 - 3904 ai63 at
Zheheng Jiang Huiyu Zhou zj53 at
Cheng Kang Eugene Zhang ck254 at
Stefan Kuhn Irek Ulidowski G1 - 3904 skh12 at
Mahwish Kundi Ruzanna Chitchyan
kk262 at
Georges Mbella Essomba José Miguel Rojas glme1 at
Dinna Mohd Nizam Lai-Chong (Effie) Law dmn9 at
Kleitos Papadopoulos Thomas Erlebach
kp342 at
Samaneh Soleimani Lai-Chong (Effie) Law ss887 at
Pornpon Thamrongrat Lai-Chong (Effie) Law
pt171 at
Lei Tong Huiyu Zhou lt228 at
John Whitington Tom Ridge jw642 at
Zhihua Liu Huiyu Zhou zl208 at
Haichao Zhu Huiyu Zhou hz160 at
Baraa Zieni Reiko Heckel Ruzanna Chitchyan G3 - 5243 bz60 at

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