Cloud Computing: Technology for World full of Mobile Devices.

Dr Stephan Reiff-Marganiec

Cloud Computing is a buzz word that occurs very frequently in the news. Amazon announced that it will store customer’s music downloads and uploads “in the cloud” (, iPhones and iPads back up “the Cloud”, … The cloud seems to emerge as the answer to many data oriented problems. This talk will explore what the cloud is, where it came from and what it offers beyond storing data in near “magic” ways. In more detail, we will look at distributed and networked computing as mechanisms to share data and execution of programmes (which are quite well established areas of Computer Science). We will then move into trying to understand the idea of computing as a utility that adapts to demand and see how that can bring economic and environmental benefits. This will also consider how cloud computing allows for new ways of deploying software and explore the demands that this puts on the design of software architectures and their developers.

  • Approximate length: 50 minutes
  • Equipment required: overhead projector
  • Target audience:  AS or A Level students studying Computer Science or ICT

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