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Together with the Computing Society we have started a series of research talks directed at students at all levels. The idea is to give you an idea of the other half of academic life, proved insights into current research topics and top off the evening by a nice social gathering with some food. Below you can find titles, abstracts and links to slides and/or recordings of the talks.

First Meeting (15th November 2017)

To view a recording of the event, please click here.

From IoT devices to Smart Objects: Embedding autonomy and adaptation in IoT Systems

Marco Perez Hernandez

Internet of Things envisions a world where Smart Objects (SO) are able to autonomously communicate and work together to make the (human) user's life easier. Popular approaches for development of IoT applications take for granted that on-object resources are evenly constrained. As consequence, we observe a trend towards a data-feeder architecture in which the "Smart Objects" are simple data gatherers and senders. Raw data is stored and processed in the cloud platforms, feeding web applications and services. However, if the device is not connected to the internet, the device become useless. Is this device really autonomous? Is it really a Smart Object? how can we build software for these devices ensuring autonomy and adaptation?

In this talk, we will explore these questions and will present an overview of a software framework for smart objects systems. The framework brings the concept of relative autonomy, enabling the devices to become autonomous from various perspectives and to adapt to volatile environments.

Link: Slides

Designing Context-Aware Applications: Basic Definitions, Aims and Some Limitations

Nervo Verdezoto

The use of contextual information (e.g., user activity, location, time of the day, nearby people and devices, etc.) is becoming more and more prominent and available to users through for examples different smartphones, wearable devices, gadgets, sensors and monitoring devices. In this talk, I will give an introduction to the basic concepts around context-aware computing, aims and examples of different context-aware systems including field studies, as well as some of the current challenges for context-aware computing.

Link: Slides

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