Example-driven Specification of Complex Editing Operations for Domain-specific Models in MDE

Timo Kehrer

8th December(Tuesday) 2015, 10:00 in CW 802

Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) strongly depends on good tool support. These tools must be carefully adapted to a domain-specific modeling language, user preferences and application context. One important variation point is the set of editing operations which are available to modify models of the given language. In particular, complex editing operations such as model refactorings are valuable for many reasons, e.g. to describe the observed changes between two versions of a model in a meaningful way or to facilitate various kinds of change impact analyses.
Complex editing operations are not generic but have to be individually engineered for a given modeling language. In-place model transformation techniques based on graph rewriting concepts, e.g. as offered by the model transformation system and language Henshin, are well-suited for that purpose. However, experiences have shown that it is a huge challenge for domain experts to specify edit operations by transformation rules. A promising approach to overcome this problem is to offer domain experts the possibility to specify edit operations by example. The basic idea is to specify pre- and post-patterns in concrete syntax and to derive Henshin transformation rules in an automated way.

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